Butter on bagels?

Am I the only one who likes butter on bagels? For the most part, I find cream cheese to be bland and boring, except for some flavored cream cheeses, especially jalapeño.

I prefer cream cheese, but butter is good, too. I can’t think of many (any?) breads that don’t taste good with butter on them.

I only use butter if I’m out of my first and second choices.
1 cream cheese
2 grape jelly.:smiley:

I’ve always eaten my bagels either:

1.) plain
2.) with butter
3.) as a pizza bagel

I love bagels…and I love buttered bread…and, for whatever reason, I’ve never actually tried buttering a bagel! Just one of those psychological obstacles, I guess.

(Bagels with worcestershire sauce? Bagels with prickly-pear cactus jelly? Bagels with brussels sprouts?)

I strongly suggest you try your next bagel with butter, you’ll be hooked! You can join me at the gym to help burn off all those delicious calories!
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Sure - especially if I want to melt a piece of cheese over it.

Butter is good; cream cheese is better.

I’m another butter is good, cream cheese is better.

I’ve also been known to eat bare bagels with nothing on them, too. Which are also good.

But not as good as butter. Which is not as good as cream cheese.

In recent months, I’ve begun drizzling olive oil on things I used to put butter, bagels included. But I have always liked butter on bagels, even more than cream cheese.

Butter, then cream cheese.

Prefer it with butter, much to my wife’s horror. I think it allows the malt flavor to shine through.

I don’t particularly like cream cheese all that much, so I always put butter on my bagels.

I also find cream cheese to be quite bland, so for a toasted bagel I go with margarine or peanut butter (in the case of a cinnamon raisin bagel).

I’ll put cream cheese on one half and butter on the other.

OK - I’ll let my secret shame be revealed…
I toast my bagel, then I butter it, then I hit it with a good schmear of cream cheese, and finally apricot jam.

It’s like a wonderful buttery, fruity, cream cheese Danish.

cream cheese on a english muffin dosent work …bagels were a science project …decided if it worked for bagles …

Bagels are my preferred base for almost everything:

  • cream cheese and lox
  • flavored cream cheese
  • pizza bagel
  • tuna melt
  • butter
  • butter and jelly
  • cream cheese and jelly
  • peanut butter
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • peanut butter and honey
  • cookie butter
  • turkey sandwich
  • melted cheese
  • egg and lox sandwich

The other day, I decided to try something completely new: Pizza bagel with lox. I figured if anchovies worked, why not? I was wrong. I finally found something that is not good on a bagel (or presumably anywhere else).

Now I need to try zoid’s recipe.

Bare bagels are great - but only if they come fresh and warm from the bagel store. Cream cheese is best. Butter is okay if there is no cream cheese. Jelly is oy! And lox on the cream cheese is best.

I’ll add that if you are stuck with supermarket frozen bagels, it doesn’t much matter what you put on them.