What do you put on bagels?

My boyfriend claims that “everyone” puts jelly on bagels. I think he’s stupid.

Everybody knows that most people put butter and/ or cream cheese on a bagel. Jelly is for English muffins and toast. Obviously.

What do you put on your bagel?

I usually put cream cheese on bagles, but I’ve been known to use jelly occasionally in the past and will do it future.

I think your boyfriend is stupid.

On perhaps one or two occasions, I’ve put jelly on a bagel, but only on top of the correct topping, cream cheese.

I was gonna give a waffley answer of sometimes but the poll options persuaded me to go with not jelly.

(Certainly I never spread only jelly on a bagel. But it’s been known to accompany other spreads on bagels.)

Cream cheese is the default.

Although, when it isn’t available, I will use butter.

Jelly… I suppose if I were stoned, I might try it.

Cream cheese, occasionally butter (mmm, great on sesame bagels), and if I’m feeling frisky, lox or tuna salad.

Jelly? JELLY!? Wtf. Never seen it, never heard of it.

butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, various lunchy-type things like ham or tuna salad. there’s an everything bagel out there (i think made by the same folks at thomas english muffins), that is to die for.

I put all kinds of things on bagels, depending on the mood I’m in.

Peanut butter
various cheeses (never cream cheese)
pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni
sausage & cheese
mustard, hamburger patty, onion, pickle chips

I put butter on my bagels, as I don’t care for cream cheese. I don’t know anyone who puts jelly on them.

Cream cheese on most bagels. Butter on cinnamon raisin ones.

I came in thinking “Well cream cheese, but we also put real cheese like cheddar on them in a toaster over, wonder if that’s going to be an option.”

Jelly!? Never even heard of that.

Does he also like those soft, dinner-roll bagels better than real ones?

This - but never jelly. Wouldn’t even have crossed my mind. Your BF needs to lay off the crack pipe.

I voted NJ,TFDS, but I should confess:

In the West End of Vancouver, there is a hybrid Japanese Restaurant/Greasy Spoon Breakfast joint (because it’s the West End of Vancouver and that makes sense there,) and if you order a bagel and cream cheese there, they will bring it to you with the butter and cream cheese applied and a little tub of strawberry jam on the side.

I used to get a coffee and bagel & cream cheese there frequently in the morning, while my girlfriend was going for her run. For a long time I ignored the little tub of strawberry jam because WTF;Strawberry Jam? Then one morning on a whim I spread that stuff right on top of the cream cheese, and it was *delicious. *

I used the proffered little tub of jam every time thereafter - but it has been many years since I’ve been there, and it would never occur to me to do that again, outside of that specific context.

It’s a bit like that woman you kept at it with for several years in spite of the fact that she was obviously bananas, largely because the sex was so damned spectacular: Not something you brag about with your friends, and not something you actively miss when you’ve settled back into a staid routine of just-plain-cream-cheese-thanks. Huh.

I don’t really know the answer to that— I’m glad I can find out these obvious moral failings before things get too serious though. :wink:

He’s saying that this thread is proof is that he’s right, because somewhere out there, there are people who have put jelly on a bagel. But friends, this is not what was originally presented to me. No. Instead, what he said was: " i’m judging you even more for not knowing that like EVERYONE PUT JELLY ON BAGELS. ask your friends. . . I DARE YOU" and “laughing at the future event where you find most people put jelly on bagels.” I believe we all know that “everyone” and “most people” means. . . everyone and most people.

I remain right-- and with jelly free bagels. Feel free to continue to prove me right, Dopers. (I really am a wonderful girlfriend, despite what this thread may appear to prove).

Did you just compair your current SO to staid plain cream cheese, 'cus if so, I think I would…not tell her.

Cream cheese topped with crispy bacon. Of course, I haven’t had a proper bagel and cream cheese in about ten months, so it’s kind of moot. But definitely not jelly. Ew. There’s a hole in the bagel; it’d be messy!

Cream cheese, and gravlax if I can get it. Otherwise there’s no point in eating a bagel.

Bagel toasted with butter, then smeared with cream cheese (and none of those flavored cream cheeses either). Just plain ol’ Philly is like ambrosia to me.

I think that your boyfriend eats stupid food for breakfast. But as for your question, I rarely eat bagels any longer, but when I did, I had plain cream cheese on them.