My Fellow Chicagoans...

Tomorrow is election day. Unless you’re in a coma, on an island in the pacific with no satellite reception or under the desk in the Oval Office, you know this. You also know that this election, no matter who wins, will be one of historic proportions. You are, I hope, prepared for a suprise. Obama is not a forgone conclusion, nor is McCain out of it. Literally anything, as history has shown us in the last 8 years, can happen. Personally, I am hoping for Mr. Obama to win. I like him and I think, ultimately, he is the far lesser of two evils. Plus, he’s a southsider like me, and, I think his jump shot needs work, but I digress.

The authorities, of which I am one, have created contingencies, quite literally, too numerous to fit in a simple 3.5" 3 ring binder. Forces are being marshalled beyond what you, the average citizen could have possibly imagined. Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Hazardous Materials Technicians, Medics, the Alphabet Rangers, secret squirrels using detached military personnel, the coast guard, civil air patrol and, I think, the guardian angels and three guys with really big hands have all been put on what I will fictitiously call ‘high alert’ there’s actually a term for it, but if I told you what it was, I’d have to kill you and frankly, I don’t have the time.

They, meaning Chicago, expect that there will be a portion of you who will act like complete and utter morons when the announcement is made no matter who wins. This should shock and dismay you to understand that civil unrest is expected.


A sad commentary, but it is truth in our modern age.

That said. I am asking you as a fellow Chicagoan, one who has spent his life in the service of others, that we may show the nation and the world the class, civility and general greatness of this city and her people. Show everyone what you’re made of. No matter who wins, let not one car burn, not one window break, not one light pole collapse, not one shopkeeper lose his or her inventory because of this election. Let those who stand ready, stand until their feet are sore, or sit until their legs fall asleep and they can’t drink another drop of coffee.

We have an opportunity here, we cannot let our baser instincts outpace our burgeoning civility. We have, no matter who is chosen by the rest of the nation as President, much work to do. If this nation chooses John McCain and Sarah Palin, they will find out soon enough what kind of mistake they’ve made and we can right the wrongs then. If Mr. Obama DOES win, bring your joy into the public square, celebrate, enjoy the moment and enjoy becoming a part of history. Do this with the grace and class and honor this hard working city shows the other 364 days a year.

Go Barack!

If history is any guide, every single Chicagoan will vote. Every single one of them. I think Harold Washington voted absentee this year, in fact, which pissed Mayor Cermak off because he couldn’t register in time.

With that in mind, I don’t think that you have to worry about an anger riot. Then again, the winning riot might not be too much better.

I understand both Marshall Field, Carson, Pirie AND Scott all made it to early voting.

I understand from the news today, that they are expecting 1 million plus in Grant Park…

And they have provided 200 port-a-potties…


Also, when people are loud and boisterous yet not doing anything dangerous or illegal:

Let not one pair of handcuffs be applied inappropriately. Let not one head be unnecessarily cracked with a baton. Let not one person be needlessly pressed face down into the sidewalk, or bitten by a police dog.

Remember, when rioting comes to Chicago, it’s not always just the civilians who are to blame.


That’s Daley, the real estimate is in the neighborhood of 500k. We’ll know by rush hour tomorrow though, still half a million people in my front yard, that’s gonna suck.

I’ve got two votes for Obama, two for McCain and one for Bob Barr. Now, what to do with my last vote…

I was offered a ticket to Grant Park by the Obama campaign last week and I turned it down without giving it a second thought. I’d much rather watch the whole thing on TV. (God, I’m getting old.)


Hmm… Ginger or Mary Ann?

Okey dokey!

I think your fears are unfounded. It’s not like the Cubs winning a world series or anything.


Obama’s campaign just tweeted that folks should pay attention to Franken in MN. (Obama’s tweets have outnumbered McCain’s by a wide margin tonight. Wonder why?)

He’s a twitter shitter?

Damn. CNN just announced their projection. Five calls of shots fired imediately following.
It’s gonna be a long night.

Anyone know of a good place to find news on this? (I mean, people actually looking around for any trouble and giving the all clear in different areas of town, etc.) Thanks.

Trying to figure out how to slink home?

No, just trying to guage the odds of having to bust a proverbial cap in someone’s proverbial ass.

Or maybe I’m a drunken idiot posting in the wrong thread. You decide.