My Fiancee has more………

bottles of various, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, facials scrubs and ??? in the shower than your Fiancee.


count em’


I’m serious!!!

I’m afraid I’ll be caught in an avalanche one of these days.
And I am not counting any of the other shower items she has at her immediate disposal on that shelf.

Beat that!!!

Hey Sled…for real fun, next time suggest that she just finish one before opening up a new one of the same product.

I tried this. Once. Just once. What followed was an agonizing dissertation on why my wife needed four different shampoos and four different conditioners. I could barely watch the TV behind her!

But 14? Oh man. You have my condolences.

When my ex-wife left, I went through all the shit in the house to get rid of “her stuff.”

She had the curious habit of buying two of everything. Two shampoos, two conditioners, two hair sprays, two deoderants, etc. She also would have to change shampoos after every bottle. She had said something like, “When your hair get used to one kind of shampoo it won’t get clean any more. So you have to switch.” I chalked that little bit of knowledge up as something she learned when the boys went to one room and the girls to another in sixth grade.

In the cabinet under the sink, which was her domain, I found dozens of bottles of shampoo and conditioner! I gave them to my sister a couple of years ago and she still hasn’t run out!!

She’s urging me to marry again.

I just counted the other day. 17, and I live alone.

Do I get a prize or something?

My BF used to complain I had too many bottles, until I caught him lathering up with body wash and a body puff. Complain all you want but you men know you love the body puff!!

thinks for a second

I have…16 actually IN the shower, and another 5 or so on the top shelf next to the shower.

Do I win?

All I have is a bottle of shampoo. So I guess I lose the most.

Hmmm… I have 4 bars, and 6 bottles in the shower. Not at all bad, I think, when those are for 3 people who use different stuff - though I admit that most of the stuff is mine.

I am not even going to try to count how much stuff is in my cabinet. My husband won’t even go in there. When he needs something, he makes me get it for him. :smiley:

Big sissy.

As long as somebody else is doing the buffing!

Here is the running total

boli 17 You’re mad. Mad, I tell you!!
Falcon 16 Close enough to be frightening
Sledman’s Fiancee 14 Not a winner after all, but
pray for me. With this
kind of impending danger my
next shower could be my last.
ChiefScott’s ex dozens(but not in the shower stall)
{technical DQ]
lunapark undisclosed but she has a body
puff and she’s not afraid to use
it!! :smiley:
rundogrun’s wife undisclosed but we now know the
dangers of questioning it.
KimKatt 4 I’m guessing but it seems
Sledman 1 – .99 cent bottle of Suave and a
lot of fear.
iampunha 1 – Sanity. I applaud you.


Sounds like she was waiting for that big hike in shampoo costs when the settlement is reached in their court case. Oh wait, that’s cigarettes.

Let’s not even talk about shelf space in the cabinets…

What the hell is a body puff?? Is it that lace, kind of mutant sponge looking thing?

(covers face, pulls collar up, looks both ways… whispers…)

Does it really feel good to use?

Oh shit… somebody is coming… (Starts whistling the Ballad of the Green Berets)

My SO has the habit of buying one brand to try it, deciding she does not like it after about a week and moves on to some other brand. So under the sink is a graveyard of partially used shampoos. I don’t there is 17 there yet, but it is getting close.

Okay, okay. So I’m have a little less machismo than some guys–I use a puff. It helps develop more lather and cleans more effectively due to the texture. Aside from the puff, soap and one bottle of shampoo, I don’t have any other products for cleaning my body.

I’ll probably regret the ensuing wrath of my wife, lilah, but this is a rough estimate of what she has. At my apartment, she has finally removed the majority of her personal products, with the exception of a bottle of shampoo and conditioner which I provide for her. At her place there are about six bottles of shampoo and conditioner, four different types of soap for different body parts, and probably another five different types of moisturizers (all of which are necessary you see, because you can’t use the same lotion on your elbows as your face–as if moisturizing one’s elbows was necessary).

Sorry Sledman, but I couldn’t let you get away with this one - at least not until you’re on the people pages so others can see that you’re, well, how do I say it? Follically challenged? Hell, that one bottle probably lasts the whole year!

Still, 14 bottles does seem excessive. But, knowing your fiance (and having lived through the nightmare of going to Bath and Body Works with her once), it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Nen, your comment reminds me of that old Zest Body Wash ad featuring football player Ironhead Heyward (“Hey Ironhead, what’s with this thingy?”)

I myself have two bottles of shampoo in my shower. One is empty. I’m lazy.

This is deeply troublesome to me.

As everyone who’s not deaf and blind knows, I’m a fag. A great big fruity old poof.

But I have only one kind of shampoo! And no conditioner! And I use gasp soap! I don’t even have a body wash puff!

terrified Oh my god, what kind of self respecting homo am I? Are they going to take away my gay license?

desperately brandishes shampoo bottle But look! It’s a girly-girl floral-herbal not tested on animals shampoo! It’s Clairol Herbal Essences!


Sorry matt_mcl, but that just doesn’t cut it. I’m afraid I’m going to have to revoke your gay liscense, furthermore, you’ll have to be quarantined to ensure that single shampoo using, lack of puff toting, sorry self doesn’t contaminate the rest of the homosexuals around here. Since I use a puff, I’ll fill your place. Oh Esprix

and yet men always comment how nice it is when a woman’s skin is soft and smooth…

and ** nen ** in particular likes my hair to be soft and shiny…

(i’m not saying that’s the only reason i use these products, i like to be soft and smooth and pretty)

so why the complaints, gentlemen? if you like the results, you’re just going to have to live with all the bottles, tubes, tubs bars, puffs, and even eyebrow curlers if that’s what it takes.

and ** nen **, my dear, i have never used gel in my hair on a regular basis. unlike some husbands i could name…

I think Herbal Essence will satisfy to keep you in the club. It’s girly enough. But you really need a body puff.

I’m a no-nonsense female type (makeup? don’t got any). I have:

2 different kinds of shampoo (allegedly you need one to strip out gunk from your other shampoo–beats me, that’s what the girl’s gymnasium film strip said)

1 bottle of liquid soap and

1 puff.

No conditioner. No shaving cream. I have moisturizer and sunblock, but not in the shower.

I should get a meter like Satan’s so I can see how much money I have saved staying far away from makeup and 14 bottles of body gunk for 36 years.

Did I mention gel? Nooooooo. And to which husband would you be referring? I’m not the husband who uses gel.


Whoa, buddy! Have you ever FELT rough elbows? They’re like sandpaper! You need some heavy-duty lotion for them, and definitely not the same lotion you would use on your face. Back me up on this, ladies.

One bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner (and they aren’t even the same brand, I’ll have you know).

One bottle of soap gel.

One washcloth. That’s it for me.

The poof is my boyfriend’s.