My Fieonse just died...

I’m new to this board and haven’t made too many friends because of the fact I type fast and make some spelling and grammar mistakes(ok a lot of them). But i just thought I’d share this with you.

My girlfriend was the most beutiful person I had ever met in my life. We shared something inside the both of us. It was just last month I had purposed to her and we were to get marryed two weeks from now.

Just 3 min. ago I had got the news that she was killed during one of her favorite activites Bungee Jumping. She was all preped and ready to go and when she jumped the cord snapped. The doctor thinks that if she would of just hit the water and the cord snapped closer to her she might of lived. But the cord snapped at the anchor posit and flung at her and snapped her neck.

If you wish you can leave me a message on aim at KOKOKO8080.

Damn… I just can’t believe it… Just this morning she was so happy becuse she was going. Now shes dead… I’ve thought of killing my self but i know that won’t solve anything.

I’m sorry if I’ve wasted your time. I just had to tell someone besides my family so I thought here would be fine.

Thats it …damn…

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What Munch said.

Why do I not believe you? You post a question regarding cat penises and four minutes later you post this?

gee, Mona didn’t you read the OP “three minutes ago I found out”.

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