Bored, Depressed, and Lonely in Mentor OH

My GF broke up with me saturday. Last night (new years eve) I learned so much about her. I found out why she broke up with me (and also why she got with me and “loved” me). I reminded her of her ex-bf. Now hes back and I’m out the window. I loved her so much but the entire relationship was just BS. All the things she said, all the I love you’s, everything was just BS. She was perfect but that girl I fell in love with never existed. I was just a fill-in guy for her.

Love does not really exist.
Anyone else out there have a really bad holiday?

Ouch, that smarts.

I’m really sorry that happened to you

How long did she continue this relationship with you?

Sorry to hear that.

If love doesn’t exist, then your feelings for this girl were just as much BS. Your pain is a myth.

At least it’s over. Would you really have wanted her to continue this relationship under false pretenses? And her feelings for you may have been genuine, though you may never know the truth. Did she actually say that this was all a ruse and was just using you?

I know where you’ve been, BioHazard. More so than I can post on these boards. Email me or look me up in Yahoo chat if you’d like to talk more.