My filling just fell out

I had a biking accident several months ago (posted about it here also) that resulted in two of my teeth being broke – one being the front, and the other being my ‘vampire tooth’. The front one has been capped, but the vamp tooth had a semi-permanent filling on it until now, when I had the tooth fitted for a cap and consequently got a temporary filling.

For the front tooth, the first time I got a filling on it it fell out within a couple of hours (the dentist used very little cement) and I got it glued on the next day. When the permanent cap came, the temp filling had to be broken off since it couldn’t be removed. So this time, for the vamp tooth, the dentist applied a medium amount of cement. However, I was just eating some nachos and some corn got lodged in between the filling and the other tooth and it came loose. Upon further inspection, it was removed with virtually no effort. I have since put it back and it is feeling kind of firm but not too secure (I finished the rest of my nachos without incident).

Anyways, here are my questions:
When I go to sleep tonight, should I remove the filling? (So it doesn’t fall out in the middle of the night.) And should I brush my tooth (with or without the filling) tonight to prevent infection? (I already have had a root canal + post done on it.)

*"…that resulted in two of my teeth being broken."

This site says to not replace the filling:

Good luck!

I’ve never had one of those temporary fillings stay in for more than 24 hours. And I’ve never had any ill effects leaving them out.

When are you due for the next trip to the dentist? If it’s not for a while, you can get a temporary wax-like filling stuff from the drugstore. Otherwise, don’t panic. Just keep brushing and using something like Listerine.

Leave it out for now - it’s already loose, and you don’t want to wind up swallowing, or worse, inhaling the thing while you’re sleeping.

If you are going to have the permanent crown cemented in the next 24 hours, take the temp out to sleep and don’t worry about it. If longer than that, especially if impressions for the permanent crown were taken, call your dentist in the morning and get the temp re-cemented tomorrow.

And brush as you normally would.

I plan on seeing my dentist next Wednesday, and I can’t go before that. I have final exams on friday, saturday, and monday.

Ugh… from that website, it says that teeth can shift within a matter of hours. I really wonder what I should do, since if my teeth do shift, the crown/cap will not fit.

Yes, teeth can shift in a relatively short period of time. You can also damage the surface of the remaining tooth so that the permanent crown will not fit correctly. The damage may not be visible to you.

Go to the druggist’s and get a temporary filling material, such as Dentemp or Temparin. This can be used to hold the crown, but the material may be too heavy to allow full seating.

You really should see your dentist ASAP.