My temporary crown fell off..

I have an appointment to have the permanent crown set Thursday, so is it safe to go 2 days without the temp?

It has been several weeks and I have had no problems. It cracked on a soft sandwich, which I thought was weird.

I don’t know if there is going to be bacteria that sets in and ruins my root canal or make it so my new crown will be less stable or what.

Any Dentists or techs on that might have the Straight Dope on this?

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It happened to me. The dentist put it back on and it fell off again a day later.
I didn’t bother to get it put back on, that time. The dentist said the danger was the tooth ‘shifting’. I doubt if that would be a problem in only two days.

Why not call your dentist and find out for sure from someone familiar with your particular situation? Seems to me that’s quicker and more reliable than asking us.

There’s a product you should be able to get in your local CVS or other discount drug store – Dent Temp. It’s a temporary dental cement for the very purpose of fixing loose crowns or fillings until you can get to the dentist.

I got chastised by my dentist when I used this (but that could just be a quirk of his). I have many a crown in my mouth and have had the temp fall off at least once for each of them. Since it’s only two days, I think you’ll be fine if you keep it clean and go easy on chewing.

If the crown covered a tooth that had a root canal, the crown is very important.

A tooth that has undergone root canal loses the internal structures that act to replenish the tooth and keep it pliabe. The crown protects the more fragile tooth.

Shifting might be an issue, but chomping away on an unprotected tooth that has a root canal is just asking to break it. It is more brittle than other teeth.

Probably because I am at work and don’t have access to a phone. It is frowned upon using a cell phone while working and I didn’t take off for lunch, I ate at my desk.

Also, the dentists are very busy where I go, and I am not sure the receptionist would know, which would also mean waiting on hold until a tech or dentist were free.

Since here I can post and wait for knowledgeable answers while working, it seemed to me the best option.

Thats what I was worried about. I will go easy on the chewing and chomping for the next couple days. I guess I should be ok, now that I think about it, I got the root canal, and then a few days later I got the temporary (actually I think it was around a week), so perhaps the root canal will be ok. Hopefully there isn’t any shifting.

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I just had a permanent crown installed in place of a temporary one. The tooth involved had a root canal so it was very important that the temp crown remained in place. My dentist told me that if the temp crown happened to fall off and I couldn’t get back to his office for a couple of days, a good temporary solution would be to fill the temp crown’s cavity with plain white toothpaste and press it back into place.

YMMV, but that advice did come straight from my dentist.

You should be able to put it back on. Suction will keep it there for a while. Be careful when you eat.

My dentist gets embarrassed when this happens and usually makes himself available to fix it the same day.

as a veteran of og remembers how many root canals and crowns in my mouth, the advice to
easy on the chewing is very important. in fact, don’t chew on it at all. not a good place to let bacteria congregate where there is a root canal.

two days without should be okay, but keep it as clean as possible. stay away from hot or cold beverages as they can cause the unprotected tooth material to expand or shrink, which could cause cracking.

I used a little bit of beeswax to hold on a crown that fell off. I think it was about three days before I got it glued back in, and it worked fine.

Thanks for the advice everybody!

I called the dentist office when I got home and asked about the toothpaste option and they said that would work. They recommended it over waiting. So thats what I did.

Works pretty good.

I have little advice, but when I had my wisdom teeth out they said to avoid yogurt.