My first -- and probably only -- fan fiction (Based on Homeworld)

It’s no secret around here that I’m a fan of the computer game Homeworld. So much so that, soon after finishing the game the first time round, tiny threads of the story in the game wove themselves into the beginning of a new idea in my head. Months went by, and the idea didn’t go away. In fact, it grew stronger and more detailed. Finally it got to the point that I simply had to write it.

It turned out fairly well, I think. At the very least, it was a good exercise for me, and a unique idea among other Homeworld fan fictions. I’m pleased with the final result, if only because it turned out mostly as I had hoped it would, and even had a few surprises in store for me as I wrote it.

I just posted the final version of it last night. It’s called “Ripples of Memory.” Dopers, what do you think?

I promise to read it and post back, but I’m a little drunk right now and feel like operating heavy machinery.