My first post from a hotel . . .

Far be it from me to pass up a true opportunity.

So, when opportunity knocked on room 418 of the Hampton Inn at Eagen, MN, I answered.

Yes, I am posting from a hotel. I just simply had to try that supid LodgeNet thing. So far, I’ve only been able to read the boards, and a few websites. I’m still going to play around with it, to see if I can get any free porn. :smiley:

Sure, it costs $10.00 a day, but what the hell. . . And before y’all get your panties in a bundle, I’m here for a friend’s wedding. In and out by Sunday. Surgical matrimonial strike.

Pushing new envelopes every day.


takes notes for next trip away from computer

I posted from a library today. Added to my list of three different homes, my aunt’s house, my dad’s house, and two different schools. Never done it in a hotel though.

Gee, out of context you’re not very experimental are you WL.

joke too easy…must take high road… eh, screw it.

Funny, Trip. I heard that’s the groom’s plan, too. BADA BING! THANK YOU. I’ll be here all week.

Ten dollars, two hours/any time of the day
it’s more than enough/time to play
each room has a bed/and also a sink
so you can wash your dick/after fuckin’ the pink
God Bless Luther Campbell. God Bless the 2 Live Crew. God Bless Us All.

How do you connect it to your computer Tripler? Is there a data jack or something?

Heh. I post from a Hampton Inn all the time - I work at one. And on the night shift, I often spend a couple of hours straight without seeing anyone.
handy, there is a data jack in the room phone and in a desk lamp, at my hotel and at the Hilton in town. Only one phone line, though.

Just doing my best to keep the Dope community well supplied with fish-in-a-barrel straight lines.