My First Post

Ok…here goes nothing…
BTW, why do I keep getting stopped by various messages when I try to do a search?


Welcome to the SDMB! Hope you stick around.

The reason you can’t search on this MB is that that feature is only avaliable to paying members.

Welcome aboard. You’ll get a better reception in MPSIMS as a debuting poster so I’ve notified the moderators to move your thread there for you.

Hope you enjoy your trial period here and find us pleasant enough to pay up and stick around.

Welcome. Eeess!

And ditto to what Angelic Gemma said about the “search” thing. Never mind - you will get hooked and sign up for ever, no doubt. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Eeess, we’re glad to have you with us.

I’m going to move your first post to the forum called “Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share” (affectionately, MPSIMS), because you’ll get more responses there. You were quite correct to post in the “About this Message Board” forum (ATMB), you were testing things out, and that’s appropriate and just fine. Generally, however, people don’t tend respond to “test” posts in ATMB in the warm and friendly way that they respond to first-time posters in MPSIMS. So, there’s no criticism of you intended whatsoever, I’m just moving the post to help encourage you and (I trust) give you a larger-audience reception than you’d get in ATMB.

Welcome, Eeess. Hope you have as much fun here as I do.

C K Dexter Haven that was such a nice “I’m moving this thread” post. Will you be my Big Grandfather?

Welcome, Eeess, to the happiest place on earth™*

*Not actually the happiest place on earth. SDMB should not be combined with alcohol or used while driving. Excessive use of SDMB may cause hair loss, infertility or the inability to pronounce the word “raincheck”. No animals were harmed in the creation of this post, unless you count my bird, who’s been quite neglected lately, and has learned to fetch his own food from the kitchen.

cue the goat


And this is my first one. Thought I’d post it in this thread instead of making a new one.

About infertility, I think there could be a risk if you have your laptop on your lap (like me right now).

The infertility seems to be a side effect of the umm…welcome ritual. The goat has been bored as of late so good luck.

Can you two hang on a sec? The orange jello hasn’t set yet.

hauls out the welcoming goat, calamari, lollipops, etc.

Welcome, welcome! smooches

Hey! I never got any welcome goat, calamari or lollipops!

Pssst… Strinka, you should be very, very grateful…

Oooh…shouldn’t have admitted THAT! Now you get the goats…with interest! The lollipops are really just here because the ball-gags are on backorder.

Hello Eeess. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Interest? I’ve been here a month. Do have a twelfth of a goat or something? And I like calamari.

Welcome Eeess. Did you just pound on your keyboard when it asked for your username?