My first xtranormal video: complainer at the retirement home

It’s my first video. I made it based on the complaints lodged on a thrice-daily basis by a woman at my mom’s retirement home. She has nothing good to say about the food (no matter how good it is) or anything else, and…well, here she is:

If the food is so bad, why does she want bigger servings? Comedy gold!

So her condition is listed as critical?

Heh. That’s my husband. And he isn’t even in a retirement home yet!

He used to gripe at ME about what I cooked. Then I told him that if he had a genuine complaint, I’d listen to it, but if he wanted to eat my cooking, he needed to break his habit of bitching about every little thing. And it is nothing more than a habit with some people, they just have to bitch about SOMETHING or they’re not happy.

That doesn’t mean that they are entitled to make other people miserable, though.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Maybe you whooshed me. :wink:

This is not a nursing home. Also, the food there is quite good and I eat there once or twice a week with mom and her pals.

needscoffee, it is hilarious although often irritating. She has no idea how she sounds. They used to serve huge portions until someone realized it wasn’t necessary, and now they serve small but filling portions, with everything being balanced and nutritious. If the Gripe rejects what they give her, she could get something else…but then what would she have to gripe about? :smiley:

There’s a very good reason why many restaurants offer senior portions…most people, when they get older, find that their appetite decreases. So smaller portions make sense, if the meal is balanced. I’ve eaten with my parents at their nursing home a couple of times, and while the portions are small, most people still leave a bit on their plates. Occasionally someone asks for another serving of something. And if the diners can get more if they ask for it, then there’s less waste…which means that either the home is saving money on meals, or it’s able to offer better quality food. Possibly both.

The food options in the video seemed to be pretty nice. And the server, if he’s based on a real person, deserves a medal for not slapping the Gripe upside the head.

See, she’s making all these critical comments, so her condition is critical.

P.S. fun video! I think I know her!

My dad used to tell this joke about three hunters, who loved to take extended trips but hated to do the camp cooking. They rotated the cooking each trip, but the rule was that if someone bitched about the meal, they were the cook for the rest of the trip.

So on this one trip, the cook decided he would make use of this rule to get out of the cooking. That night, he made baked beans, a classic camping side dish. To the beans, he added a whole canister of salt (think the Morton’s blue salt can).

His friends began eating, and the first bite, one of them breaks out cussing and swearing that, “These are the saltiest damned beans I have ever eaten!” Then the swearer remembers the rule. “But it’s just the way I like 'em!”

The servers are most likely told not to get into it with the residents, which must require an enormous amount of patience. The chef refers to the Gripe as “my favorite.” :smiley: (But not when she is around to hear that.)

Here are some of the upcoming food options for this week: french toast, lemon thyme roast turkey, strawberry rhubarb pie, sweet pepper pot soup, red raspberry morning cake, caesar salad, lentil soup, seared chicken with chimichurri sauce, beef barley soup, cheese enchiladas, black bean salad, maple nut and pear scone, clam chowder, creamy cilantro lime slaw, pickled beet salad, roast beef, spinach…Damn, I’m hungry. When will I be old enough to move in??

Where is this place? I’m ready to move in too!

Bwah ha ha ha ha.

I have worked in many types of “alternate levels of care” from psychiactric long term stay, to interim care, to long term care nursing home and retirement home settings. There is one of these in every dining room (except on the advanced dementia units but then there is a family member who will do that for them). when did these characters move in to where I’ve worked. I worked at a care facility in the richest postal code in Canada, with excellent food, an actual pastry chef on site and still the complaints.

I love it. I am sending it on to my nursie friends.

My family version of this joke is “Moose Shit Pie??? BUT GOOD!!!”


“Moose turd pie” by Utah Phillips?