My Folks Are Celebrating Their 40th Wedding Anniversary Today

This is truly MPSIMS, but I am pleased and proud. My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today on vacation in the Caribbean. They said something about “good snorkeling.” Yes, I realize how lucky I am that they’re still together, in love, in good health, and able to afford this.


Congratulations! (no sarcasm intended)

My parents are also celebrating an anniversery today. Five years they have been seperated!


Congratulations, cjhoworth!!! My parents will be celebrating their 50th in July, and they are still happy, healthy and solvent as well. We are hoping my grandmother will be well enough to attend. How many people get to a 50th, let alone have a parent to see it?

I am always happy to hear of couples celebrating long-term anniversaries. How refreshing, amidst so much strife and divorce, to see marriages that work.

My own parents celebrated their Golden Anniversary in 2000. They, too, are happy, healthy and solvent.

Congratulations to your parents, CJ, and congratulations to you, too.