My free entertainment for the day

This is the shot right out my front door.

You’ll note a rather large rock sticking out of the water. So large one might be bothered to call it an island.

To the right of this island is a handful of other rocks poking their heads out of the water. You can walk from large rock to little rocks. All around the little rocks are even more little rocks one or two inches under the water.

Take a close look at the picture. Right above the island you can see a boat. It is about 100 yards from the island. If you look real close you can see the red channel marker just to the right of the boat.

The water level right now is about how you see it in the picture. I could walk more then halfway from the island to the boat before I got my knees wet.

Now that you know the layout of this section of river I think you can see where the free entertainment is coming from.

There are tons of people on the water right now and I happen a guess 40% of them have no clue what the “red floaty thing” is.

Last night, 2-3am, I heard some crazy nonsense coming from the direction of the island. I found out some dork got his unlighted little boat stuck between the island and the little rocks. It took him 30 minutes of swearing and grinding his prop on the rocks before he finally got free.

This morning, a nice family out for a 4th of July boating stuck for 20 minutes.

Just moments ago I watched a couple of hot doggie speed boaters clang their prop across 20 feet of rocks.

I should stand out there with a video camera for when the jetski guys wizz past.

“Wreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-wrom-wrom-wrom CLANG! Splash!”

It is slightly amusing to see people who have no clue bang their props to hell, I just hope I don’t have to swim out there today to save some drunk clueless jetski guy with broken limbs.

The final count for the day… 6

Not as many as I expected