My Friend Needs a Wedding Song

Mrs. Cal and I chose “Simple Gifts” as our wedding theme. It’s a nice sentiment itelf, and it let us use Aaron Copeland’s adaptation of it for the recessional. Of course, it’s a Shaker hymn, written by a community that has vowed total abstinence from sex, but we didn’t let that bother us.

Our first dance number was ‘From This Moment On’ (Cole Porter) done by Ella Fitzgerald. Upbeat, lovely, forward-looking lyrics. All joined in after 2 turns around the floor.

Tell your friend to check out what is on the band/DJ’s playlist. Back in 'Ought Six when we were married, I was shocked and appalled by unsolicited ‘Whip It’. And there is nothing quite like watching your dad the retired Colonel doing the Gator to ‘Shout’ in full Mess Dress.

i just returned from a wedding where the bride + groom had their first dance to r.e.m.'s “at my most beautiful.” it’s nice, sort of cute, slow enough to dance to with some elegance, modern enough to be popular with the kids.

while we’re on the subject, r.e.m. also has the song “be mine,” another fine tune actually about getting married:

“I never thought of this as funny
It speaks another world to me
I want to be your Easter bunny
I want to be your Christmas tree.”

perfectly modern sentiments, not too sentimental, fie to dance to.

While I am a huge fan of The Wedding Song, one of the songs that I think is very romantic is True Companion by Marc Cohn(Walking in Memphis)While I’m not going to type the whole thing in…I jsut love this song so I’ll give ya a little.

*Baby I’ve been searching like everybody else
Can’t see nothing different about myself
Sometimes I’m an angel,
And sometimes I’m cruel
And when it comes to love
I’m just another fool…

So don’t you dare and try to walk away
I’ve got my heart set on our wedding day
I’ve got this vision of a girl in white
Made my decision that it’s you alright…

You are my true companion
I got a true companion
True companion*


I don’t know how much this’ll help, but here’re the playlist from my wedding:

Walking down the isle: “Say a little prayer”, Aretha Franklin.

After I broke the glass (we’re Jewish): “Good Lovin’”, The Young Rascals.

First dance: “As Time Goes By”, from Casablanca.
Second dance: “Brown Eyed Girl”, Van Morrison
Third dance: “Boy From New York City”, some Motown group.

Last dance no#1: “New York State of Mind”, Billy Joel.
Last Dance No#2: “When We Dance”, Sting.

In short, stick with Aretha, Van Morrison and Billy Joel.

“You’ll Never Be Free Again”

“Beauty and the Beast”

“It’s Not Too Late to Back Out”

“I’m Throwin’ My Life Away”

“I’ll Be Broke When She Divorces Me”

“Quit Your Job So He’ll Have To Support You”

“Have I Told You Lately That the Alimony and Child Support Laws in This State Allow a Woman to Totally Ruin Her Ex-Husband and Keep On Ruining Him for the Rest of His Life?”

“No Pre-Nup? Boy, Are You a Schmuck”

Can you tell I’m not a big fan of this “marriage” thing?

“I will always love you” Whitney (Who put that pot in there?!) Houston <it’s on my desert island list>

“(What I’ll give you) Since you’ve asked” Judy Collins…“is all my time, forever,…”<sigh>

“Something” by the Beatles

“When a man loves a woman,” P. Sledge

“It’s a man’s world, the Godfather, hissef.”

“Heartbreak Hotel,” that truck driver kid, whatshisname.

“Love stinks” by J. Geils and this website

“How can I miss you , if you won’t go away.” Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen (?)

Maybe we need a thread on the best heart-break songs of all time…


The current master of the sappy love ballad, Bryan Adams singing [I’ll Always Be Right There.](’ll Always Be Right There)

The first time I heard it, I knew that it was the one for my wedding. I cried like a little baby when it played. True. True.

I’ve always thought well of that timeless romantic classic, “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw,” by Jimmy Buffet.

This song wasn’t available when I got married but I wish it had of been. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses.

That beautiful and haunting ballad, the theme from Looney Tunes.

There is one about on Napster called “The Wedding Song” by Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary (speaking of the 70’s) who might be better know for “Leaving on a Jet Plane” or “Puff The Magic Dragon”

Personally I don’t like the song but it’s up to you. You could consider Everything I do by Bryan Adams I suppose.

Mail me if you can’t get it and want to hear it.

Wasn’t there a song called “It only hurts for a little while”?

“At Least The Bridesmaids Might Get Some At The Reception”

There are tons of old American folk songs that could fit the bill. What about “Oh Promise Me” (written by Clement Scott and Reginald DeKoven)? As a 'cellist, I beg of you, don’t do the Pachelbel Canon in D. The 'cello part has only 8 notes, and they keep repeating over and over and over and over and over and over… :eek:

My first choice for my own Wedding Song was Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” It’s a GREAT song, full of feeling, and great wedding lyrics. Unfortunately, my wife has no soul (this sounds mean, and I love her, but she really doesn’t) and vetoed it. So I chose “Your Song” by Elton John, which wasn’t a bad second choice. It’s a beautiful song.

My parents had two wedding songs: Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” and Chicago’s “Colour My World.” Both great songs for a wedding. There hasn’t been a decent wedding song made in 20 years (this coming from a 23 year old) so you can take that into consideration when reading my opinion.

My suggestion is to actually listen to all of these songs with your mate, and pick one that means something to you.

I had “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Soundtrack) as the last song before the ceremony.

“The Rose” as played by my best friend on piano, for walking down the aisle. (Perfect cadence/rhythm/whatever for that, BTW)

“A Whole New World” as played by best friend again, for walking out on. (I thought it was appropriate.)