my friends have fallen off a third story roof

two of them. one has been released. nother has facial injuries (maybe needinga plastic surgeon). he also has a spine injury, and severe facial injuries, as well as terrible hip injuries.

but hew’s not dead, and that’s all i can ask.

thanks dopers,


Damn, what were they doing up there?
My husband is a roofer and I fear that all the time with him and all my friends up there everyday.

Sorry to hear about that, I hope all turns out well.

Wow, I hope he recovers quickly and thoroughly. It sounds like things could have been much worse. Best of luck to you and your friends.

This happened to a friend of mine. I know how scary it can be. Best wishes in their recovery.

Ouch. Good luck to your friends, jb.

Yikes! Poor guys. I wish them the best of luck and the quickest possible recovery.

thanks for the well-wishing, everybody. they’re both pretty much okay now. for more details, go here

good morning!