My friends may be parents tomorrow!

Please send good vibes to my friends Cathy and Al. Cathy’s due date is at the end of October, but she has been on bedrest for the last month in the hopes of keeping the little guy in there full term. But the docs have told her that she may need to be induced as early as tomorrow morning (10/7).

Even though she’s been under close supervision, so far all indicators have been that the baby is fine. But boy, will we all be glad when he hits the atmosphere with all systems go! This is just so exciting! Cathy is one of my small group of college girlfriends, and probably the only one of the four of us who will ever give birth. And (I hope) this will be one of those chances I rarely get to hold a brand-new baby, born to someone close to me. Yay! I think I’ll wrap the baby gifts tonight, so they’ll be all ready to go.

Go, Cathy! Come on, baby!

I’ll send some good vibes… I wish the three of them lots of luck and a healthy and quick delivery.

I had my baby 10/1 and he wasn’t due until 11/9 and is doing fabulously. It sound like your friend’s baby has been brewing a couple of extra weeks. That’s a good thing!

Bedrest is boring but the little baby at the end is so worth it!

From one Kathy to another… best of luck tomorrow.

I’ll send some good vibes for Cathy and Al and little CathAl.

My baby has a playmate who was born 7 weeks early, to a Mom who had been on bedrest for months. He was tiny and scrawny (but really cute!) for the longest time, but as of his first birthday last month, he outweighed a lot of his peers and is happy and healthy.

Best of luck to your pals.