My Gardener Needs To Be Kicked In His Chalupa's

Scuse me. I have to verbally assault the keyboard, since kicking this immigrants ass back and forth across the pool like a mexican badminton birdie is out of the question.

Someone explain why a well paid gardener would come to your house, on duty day - packing a leafblower, and some armpit sweat stains - walk thru the side gates, blow all the leaves toward the back of the house, then into the pool, and LEAVE?!?!?!? :smack:

Hi, isn’t the definition of a gardener to enhance and maintain your shrubbery, grass, sprinkler systems, and what the eff else comes along with “gardening”?
When did the job description for gardening become reduced to “leaf blowing”?

Not only will he NOT repair the sprinkler system, which is contributing to alllllll of the grass & greenery dying, he says that the reason he wont maintain anything is because the sprinkler thing needs repair! :wally

Thats HIS job!!!

Not only making life hell on myself with the sheer aggravation of it all - but the pool guy too for having to repeat skim the pool for leaves, or unclog the filters from excessive amounts of leaves & yard debris being PUT into the pool.


You’d think in Los Angeles the pickin’s for good gardeners who do a simple, decent job, wouldnt be so slim.

i could do a better job than that, by not even doing anything!
he’s so fired.
now i have to look for another lawn boy.
hm - wonder if they have a “tall pale & creepy goth boy” lawn service around here.

now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Man, I wish the worst problem I had to face was an untidy pool.

Maybe he doesn’t want to do a good job for you because you’re such an elitist, racist bitch?

Strangely enough, that’s the first thought that crossed my mind, too.

Odd, isn’t it?


Apparently she had $14.95 to spare.


Good lord, is there no bottom to the well of hand-wringing and knee-jerking from you uber-leftists? Mexican is not a race. The jackass was a careless sloth of whatever color, who vandalized her property and caused her needless expense. She now has to deal with his carelessness. May he visit your homes soon and clog up your HVAC units if you don’t have pools. Criminey, the wealth envy from you people just makes my fucking skin crawl. The guy is a lazy fucking loser, not some romantic hero. I hope she sues him, and the settlement puts him out of business.

Wow. That was just…wow. That left me speechless. I would like to congratulate you, Daft Girl on your fine message board name choosing skills. I’ve never seen a more accurate one.

His ethnicity had nothing to do with his work. He’s a shitty worker, yeah, but the fact that he’s Mexican had nothing to do with that. Had she pit the gardener by leaving his ethnicity out of it and forgetting the ‘chalupa’ slam, she probably would have gotten a better response.

And he’s gasp an immigrant! Let’s tar and feather him!

Perhaps she should pit her own shitty interviewing and hiring skills.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have to agree somewhat with Liberal. An incompetant employee is just that…not a poor immigrant, nor someone who you can’t fire for being hopeless because you’re worried about his skin color. If he has specific directions for doing his job and can’t ratchet up to it, then it’s bye-bye time.

I have a friend who took over my previous position, and who is terrified of taking disciplinary action against his admin assistant because she’s black. He’s afraid she might file an EEO complaint against him. Cripes, grow a pair, will ya? Performance is easily documented.

While Daft was being a little in the ‘stamp her little foot’ mode of delivery, she’s perfectly within her rights to criticize poor performance. Although I’m not sure what relevance the ‘immigrant’ comments had to do with anything.

I for one am glad to hear about a Mexican immigrant who’s a lazy slacker just like us Americans. According to the news, they’re all right up there with St. Francis of Assisi.

I just want to know how it is that someone whose grammatical skills are just a par above “ah reckon” owns pool-bearing property in Los Angeles.

I think it’s strange you expect the gardener to repair your sprinkler system. Do you expect your housekeeper to repair your vacuum cleaner? Your cook, to repair your oven and refrigerator?

I was absolutely not being racist. Mexican isnt a race, and i cant recall using any “cruel” names for the man when referring to him being who he is.

Descriptives are part of the visual painting. I cant begin to tell a story without being as descriptive as i can - perhaps i could have phrased that all more “tactfully” or “heritage friendly” but There’s no discord for where he comes from, or the colour of his skin, and there’s no insult in BEING mexican - he “is” recently immigrated, so this does make him an immigrant - which i have no problem with obviously if the man has access to my home -

Im simply pissed the hell off at how someone can apply for and attain a well paid job, perform terribly, repeatedly, continue to be paid at the rate of someone who does their job very well - and refuse to do better when asked to do so.

And when the hell did having a pool qualify someone for being an “elitist”?
TSarina sounds like a Manson follower that hates anyone who lives remotely comfortably.

Am I the only one who smells troll?

oh and pssst … “people who have immigrated from mexico” to find better lives here (is that a better way to phrase something when you’re pissed?) are some of the hardest workers you’d ever meet.

This guy is the first exception that “i” personally have ever witnessed.
So no, it wasn’t an insenuation that “people from mexico” are lazy, either.

I just know that if i did my job that badly, i wouldn’t have a job, or a yard for this man to take care of. And my bosses would surely find some “friendly” ways to describe my performance if i’d slacked off badly enough to make them want to fire me.


Exactly. And, that being the case, why didn’t she refer to him simply as “the gardener” or “the lazy, incompetent bastard,” rather than making gratuitous references to his immigrant status and his nationality?

Reminds me of an old Onion headline:

“Asian Americans Defy Stereotypes: More and More are Lazy, Stupid”

My thoughts exactly. I know how to set the timer on a sprinkler system, and how to turn one on. I even know some of the rudiments of gardening. I wouldn’t know where to start, though, if the system itself died.

Covered in my last sentence. Try not to parse out the pieces you want to ignore.

Someone needs a hug. {{{{{Liberal}}}}}.

So if he were white, you would have said, “My stupid-ass white gardener needs a kick in the Wonderbread rolls”?

You went out of your way to mention his nationality and status at least three times, including in the title of your post. You get in a crack about sweat stains. (How dare he sweat–in LA, in August–filthy foreigner!) Then you muse on the possibility of hiring a “pale” gardener the next time.

Are you really surprised at the response here? You were not just commenting on his poor performance.

And anyone who maintains that emphasizing someone’s Mexican immigrant status, in Southern California, doesn’t have racial implications, is just being disingenous.

Re: the racism or bigotry issue, might I suggest that we just drop it now? This is one of those things that come along every once and a while and we never resolve. We have been over this time after time after time after time.

Pretty soon, someone will come along and suggest that we replace the word “Mexican” in the OP with “Black” or “Fat” or some other hot button word and point out that the OP seems pretty charged now and that it is not different with Mexican. Perhaps they will even quote the OP and change the words to make this point.

Then someone will come along and junior mod to point out that misattributing is against the rules.

A faction will develop that clings to the notion that it is just a description and vitally important to the nuanced flavor of the fine and gloriously crafted OP.

This will go on for page after page after page.

There, now that I have done all the work for you I say we drop it and leave the OP to clean her pool.