They won't even take my application!!!

I lost my job in March and have been looking for work since. I’m back in school now, but I could still work part-time. The fuckers at the Walmart in two cities aren’t accepting applications. I guess if I had swum across the Rio Grande they would talk to me!:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

What the fuck? Shut your racist mouth, will you?

In case you didn’t know, Walmart is a tad in dire straits. Perhaps they’re not hiring because, I dunno, there’s a hiring stop?

Mexican is a race now?

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Yes, let’s split hairs over this one, too, Lib. Good on ya.

Err, I think this was referring to yesterday’s busts of WalMart for using illegal immigrants in their subcontracted work crews (apparently with executives’ knowledge). Of course, he got the immigrants’ origin wrong–the were eastern european.

I’m aware of that bit of news, Myrr21. And it still doesn’t justify the slur if the (subcontracted, so not Walmart-employed) illegal immigrants were Mexican.

Coldfire, there was a major bust of illegal aliens working at Walmart yesterday, over 250 people. Most of them were apparently European, so perhaps the OP should have substituted the Atlantic for the Rio Grande, but I don’t think the comment is as bad as it seems at first blush. YMMV.

Split hairs?

Drawing a distinction between East Long Island and the Hamptons is splitting hairs. Distinguishing a nationality from a so-called “race” is not. It is an Egyptian who swims across the Nile, not necessarily an Arab.

At the risk of attracting the Wrath of a Moderator (and remaining crunchy and good with ketchup!), I think hlanelee may have been addressing the socio-economics of the situation - saying that wal-mart may be looking to hire only the cheapest work force available - never mind whether or not they are legally in the US; never mind local-patriotism (American jobs for American citizens), which is a sentiment of which I may or may not approve, but I think it’s legitimate.

Then again, (s)he may actually be on a racist ride.

I don’t know. But it isn’t clear-cut.

Dan Abarbanel

On preview I see my point has pretty well been made already. But, damn! I spent time writing it, I am going to post it! :slight_smile:

Anyone who can swim the Atlantic deserves a work permit.

Note to self…

  1. Swim across Atlantic.
  2. Get work permit from Steve Wright
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Dear Moderator, Please forgive my ill researched and and biased post. I acted rashly, without thinking things through or actually knowing what I was saying. I have set a poor example for those who have little and have not bettered myself by spreading ignorance.

You sure are quick to assume the worst. I’d put money down that the OP heard “Walmart busted for employing (yes they were subcontracted, but the executives knew) illegal immigrants”. To assume that they were Mexican–absent any other knowledge–would be a good guess.

If I’d just heard that and not the full story, I’d assume they were Mexicans. Not because I’m racist, but because Mexico is a poorer country that borders on ours, so we tend to get a helluva lot of illegal immigrants from there looking for a better life. Nothing wrong with that, but when the store down the street is hiring them illegally and not you, I’d be a little pissy too.

I read this as a Wal-Mart slam, and certainly not a Mexican slam.

Then again, maybe hlanelee is just a Mexican racism-liar.


Brown-noser. :smiley:

Er…I meant that for hlanelee.

[sub]Freakin’ preview. sob[/sub]

People, I skimmed the headlines this morning. Here in south-east South Carolina there are lots of Mexican Immigrants, some of them are illegal. Wal-mart won’t give me a job. Wal-mart is giving illegal aliens jobs. Hence my post.

For the record-I have found that if you get to know people, you can find better reasons to dislike them than their race/nationality.

Fair enough.

OK, maybe I read more into it than there was. It sure sounded like a slur to me. I did read the news about the Eastern European illegal immigrants, but my brain didn’t connect that with the OP, which just read to me like a local Walmart not hiring people at the moment, and erroneously blaming illegal immigrants (in this case, Mexicans) for it.

Carry on.

Coldfire, For the record, it was explained to me at two different Wal-mart locations, 60 miles, apart that there is a nation-wide hiring freeze at all Wal-marts.