They won't even take my application!!!

Just for the record, and this is coming from someone who is doing a research paper on immigration, illegal and otherwise, for school, and keeping in mind that this very well could just be my migraine talking, this has got to be one of the most surreal threads I’ve ever read. :slight_smile:

Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.

My husband would argue that it is. So would Edward Said, if I read Orientalism correctly. Just sayin’. YMMV.

Technically, I’m not the person you go to for work permits … but, if you swim the Atlantic, I’ll gladly make an exception.

Just a quick comment:

Just because someone crosses over the Mexican border into the US does not always mean that they are Mexican. Hispanic does not equal soley Mexican people.

From my exerience, quite a few Central Americans come in to the US through Mexico, too.

I have also found that quite a few other nationalities make their way to Mexico, as it is easier to get in there than the US. They then make their way into the US. While I realize this isn’t very common, it does happen.

People, people. Let’s not squabble over exactly how Wal-Mart screwed up. Let’s just rejoice over the fact that they did, were caught doing it, and now presumably will reap the glorious whirlwind of public opinion.

[basks in Wal-Mart’s public disgrace]

(Incidentally, exactly how do you spell Wal-Mart, anyway? Without or without a hyphen, capitalized letter ‘m’, or a space?)

Will you people fucking relax please. Jesus.

Especially Coldfire - Not every reference to peoples’ origins or legal immigration status is an example of raging racism, much as you might like to believe that it is.

I misinterpreted, or at least read more into the OP than it meant. I stated as much. The thread carried on.

Where the fuck do you get off stating that I “like to believe” racism was the motivator, shitstain?

I know you don’t issue work permits, Steven. By the way, how are things at Syphilitic Donkey Raping Systems, Inc.™?

Dude, chill. Do you own thousands of dollars’ worth of Wal-Shares, or are you just incredibly uptight?

Coldfire, looks like you’re in a bit of a bad mood. You want to talk about it?
I only ask because you’re running around biting people’s heads off like you’ve got a sex toy lost up your ass. :wally

(That comment was not against people who use anal sex toys, it was against people who lose them in their asses.)

It’s always about the brown people, isn’t it?

Coldie, you do seem a bit off, lately. I just want to let you know that I’m concerned.

For the record. If I say that I can’t fair chance at getting a job as a fireman because all the black guys get them. That is not racism. What is fucked up about that statement is that the black guys have an advantage over me because they are black. And only because they are black.

Maybe you just suck as a fireman, did you ever stop to think of that? Were I black, I wouldn’t want someone with a chip on his shoulder about black people supposedly getting hiring preferences coming to my house to put out a fire. I’d doubt your commitment.

It has been said that there are two kinds of racism: (1) discriminating on account of race; and (2) refusing, on account of race, to discriminate.

Anaximenes, I thought it was really funny

I just want to ask whether it’s true that the French, instead of telling someone they’re splitting hairs, tell them they’re fucking a fly up the ass. Because if they do, that’s really cool.


As a Canadian who went through the Green Card process, I can say that there is modicum of truth to the OP. I went through the process and jumped through all the hoops and it took me 11 years and several thousands of dollars to get my Green Card. During those years I went to school and worked and paid taxes, generally contributing. Anyone who crossed the boarder illegally isn’t supposed to be here and they haven’t paid taxes. So what does the federal government do? They are toying with the idea of an amnesty for illegal aliens (it would be the 3rd one that I can remember).

How is this fair? Do it right and experience the thrill of a sandpaper wrapped broom handle being crammed up your ass, or do it illegally and get absolved of any and all wrongdoing.

adam, are you by any chance suggesting that illegal immigrants have it easier than you do?

There are arguments to be made against granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, but that’s surely more, um, creative than you have to be.


Can Coldfire swear when he’s not closing a thread?