They won't even take my application!!!

Clearly, lv, he can.

And just to be perfectly honest, I got the exact same impression from the OP. It, by itself, comes across as "Them damn furriners is takin’ all the jobs away from us honest 'Mericans. " Even with additional explanation, it still kind of gives off that vibe. The subcontractor hiring the illegal immigrants is a whole seperate business from Walmart. As such, these people were not in any way, shape, or form Walmart employees. That scandal has dick-all to do with whether any given Walmart store, or the corporation as a whole, is currently taking applications. That crack about the Rio Grande was completely stupid, off-topic, and uncalled-for.

Personally, I’m glad stuff that comes across as hateful, xenophobic bullshit gets jumped on by the mods. Good on ya, Coldie.

Wal-Martian checking in:

How far is my store from the Rio Grande? About seven miles.

How many people work there? ~250.

How many are illegal aliens? 0.

That’s all.

So, Darth, may we see your ID, please?:smiley:

hlanelee-- If they are not hiring then why should they take an application. I have hired and fired hundreds of people and when someone sends in an unsolicitated application it should be able to catch the HR department’s attention or else it will get filed in the round file 13. When a position opens usually a company will advertise in some way. If there are no positions available then what’s the point in taking applications.

BTW what skills do you have?

Being an unemployed job seeker, I can say I personally appreciate it when they won’t take my application. Much better, in my view, than accepting applications for months for a nonexistant job. Usually with large employers, I’ve seen job descriptions posted for months. My conclusion is they don’t really need that position filled, but may in the future. Thus it helps to collect a pool of resumes on the offhand chance the job comes available (that is my guess at least). In one case, there was a job at my former employer which was advertised for a month, and no one was ever hired. Someone already working there had it tacked on to his duties.

In short, I prefer someone to not waste my time.

For the record, I apologized for my narrow minded post. I was called a brown-noser as a result. I did point out that I truly believe that if you get to know people you can find better reasons to dislike them than their race/nationality. I am just a bitter, frustrated man, trying to get by. Sorry.

SunTzu2U asked what skills I have. Here. I have extensive education and some experience in HVAC. I can fix air conditioners and commercial refrigeration units, not well, but I can start, I am an above average assistant. I have a class “A” CDL, I am licensed to drive any vehicle on the highway except a motorcylce. I have a certificate in CAD and I can draw with a pencil and T-square. I have experience as a mechanical drafter and I am working on getting experience in architectural and civil drafting. I am a heavy equipment operator, I can clear, grade, pave, and lay pipe. This semester in school I am learning to survey. I can’t build a house but I can install the AC and ductwork. I am a former member of the ASQC and a Certified Quality Technician, familiar with industrial statistics and quality control. I can make and deliver pizzas. I drove a school bus for two years. I shovelled manure at an organic fertilizer factory after school. I have been a commercial fisherman.

I will be forty-one in December. I have chosen to return to school full-time to pursue a dream. All I want is a part-time job to help me get by. If they have no positions, why are they hiring illegal aliens or contracting businesses hiring illegal aliens.

hlanelee, you are far too skilled and smart. DON’T try to impress if you’re looking at an entry-level job. It threatens the folks who might hire you. Lie, okay?

I know-- I’m one of 'em.

Oh, and I had a LOT of trouble with my ID when I moved down here, Astroboy14. My fault for being born in Hawaii, it seems.


For all those suggesting I’m “incredibly uptight” or “have a sex toy up my ass” resulting in me “biting people’s heads of” (whether there is an actual causality between the two, I cannot tell you - I’m sure Anaximenes might be a better source to ask): it’s fairly simple, folks. The OP looked racist at first glance. And of course scholar and gentleman Libertarian is fully correct in stating that Mexicans aren’t technically a race, per se: I was obviously using “racist” in the more coloquial sense. Substitute “xenophobic” for “racist” as you see fit.

The OP came back, explained his motives, and recognised that his post was perhaps poorly composed, and liable to be misinterpreted. I have no reason to assume he’s not telling the truth: as he said, he was mostly posting out of frustration, and didn’t think his post through all too well. Fair enough, happens to the best of us. No harm, no foul.

What then happens, is a bunch of dickweeds coming in suggesting that I’m somehow looking for racism in the posts I moderate. That’s what pisses me off.

Do you asswipes know what I get paid for investing a couple of hours of my spare time every day into this here message board?
Nothing. Yeah, the mug. There’s the free mug, I’ll grant you that.

Why would someone do this? Why would someone work a few hours per day, for free, on a relatively anonymous message board with 40,000 members, dozens of new trolls every day, a couple of spam threads a day to remove, and a few hundred die-hard assholes deliberately walking the line with regards to our rules, just to see how far they can go?

You’d have to be fucking nuts to do that, right?

Not necessarily. I’ve gotten a great deal out of this MB, and I’m more than willing to give something back. I fully realise that moderating a message board means that some people will always disagree. Whatever you do, someone will stand up in protest. And that’s fine - it really is. I can take any criticism tossed at me, as long as the person venting their disagreement is convinced of my sincere motivations.

What I won’t stand for is a couple of morons suggesting that my initial interpretation of the OP came about because I deliberately LOOK for offense. Read my posts - and there’s a few of them - and you’ll find that I’m surprisingly un-PC, if anything. But more than that, I try to moderate these boards to maintain one of the best damn message boards on the 'net, not because I’m some power-hungry super-PC bastard trying to knock people over the heads whenever they say something ambiguous.

Seriously, if power were the motivator, I’d be much better off in politics. Or oil trade. Not that the two are that far apart, these days.

Hope this helps.

Holy shit.

I’m pouring a toast to you right now, Coldfire.

I know you are one of the good ones, no reason to call folks to check.

Don’t let the fuckers get you down, okay?

Man, at the risk of being called a brown-noser again, let me say that I am truly honored that you, Coldfire are the first moderator to have called me down in the short time I have been involved with message boards. I will say you immediately considered my explanation and forgave my error. You get a mug?

Yes sirree. Damn big one, too.

For any who might not want to set Coldfire up with a beer, may I remind y’all of this