My GenderQueer book is listed on Amazon

I’ll bump this when the book is actually available. The print date is 3/15/20. All you can do now is look at the pretty web page and perhaps preorder (but it won’t get there any quicker than if you wait and order it once it’s in stock).

Don’t that look nice!

Will there be a Kindle version? I’d love to (pre)order the book on Kindle.

Congrats on the book!

Congrats, and best wishes on sales!

There will be an ebook version for $4.95, also available from Amazon, and directly from Sunstone Press as well.

My publisher doesn’t appear to have listed the ebook version on Amazon yet. Hmm, or on Sunstone’s own site either for that matter.

They will be, though.

Ooh, I’m listed in Library of Congress :slight_smile:

(they’ve got some stuff wrong; the date should be 2020 not 2002. publisher’s aware of it. They’re in the process of generating me a CIP Block for impressing academics and librarians etc :wink: )

Congratulations! I almost never leave Cafe Society, but this is big news! All the best to you!

Congratulations! This is awesome!!

Feel free to PM me when it’s available through Amazon, in case I forget to check! (I do everything through Amazon Smile to benefit the non-profit I work with so I’ll wait for that.)


I pre-ordered on Amazon a minute ago.

What the heck … I did too. Kindle is great but once in a while the heft of a real book is a great pleasure.

Guess what was in my mailbox today? May take me a while to get around to it, but it’s right on my to read stack.

Mine is due to arrive next week (takes a while to get to my island, I guess). I can’t wait!

Barnes & Noble now has it listed as well:
Still no bloody eBook for sale. But you can fetch a copy from BookSprout if you agree to leave me a public review:

@AHunter3, I’m about 2/3 of the way thru. Its a good read. I hope you find this observation a complement, IMHO your writing comes across brutally authentic in a Ham on Rye Bukowski era style.

Ahunter3, finished it. Thank you for writing and sharing.

It has given me some insights in general and also personally. My eldest identifies as non-bianary, gender fluid, my middle child as trans. share your book and see what their feedback is

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If, hypothetically speaking, you were inclined to post a review to GoodReads or Amazon or something, that would be quite cool, although I’m happy to see what you’ve written here!

First Amazon review. And to save folks from having to actually go to Amazon, here is what I wrote:

This is the coming of age experience of being different without knowing why, and slowly figuring it all out. First person narrative that is reminiscent of Charles Bukowski in Ham on Rye or Factotum (without the misogyny). An compelling read that kept the pages turning for a few days.

I have a couple of kids that are going thru their own different closets, and this autobiography provided more than a few insights toward this Dad’s understanding. The baseline being it’s a good book. Two thumbs up.

Finally available in eBook format, and listed on Kobo and Apple as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble :slight_smile:

Hey pretty cool read! How long did it take to write?

Hey pretty cool read! How long did it take to write?