My God, I'm a genius!!

Had an accident last night with my daughter that entailed a trip to the emergency room and a couple of stitches inside her mouth. You can read about the details

Occasionally I’m clever.

The Dr. said try to get ice on it as much as you can for the next 48 hours. All day long my wife has been chasing my daughter around the hourse trying to put ice on her face with little success.

She went to play tennis and I’m babysitting.

“Oh and try to get some ice on her face. I know it’s hard, but it’s important, even if she fights and screams. I’ve been trying all day, but she hates it,” my wife said as she was getting ready to leave.

It was one of those things where inspiration came instantly and out of the blue.

“No problem,” I said. I went over to the freezer and got a popsicle. “Here ya go, honey!” I gave it to my daughter who promptly stuck it in her mouth.

My wife’s look was worth a million dollars. She tried to hide it, but I could tell that she was in complete awe of my genius.

Ah! If only your genius extended to providing links we could cannonize you.

errr, as in turn you into a cannon or shoot you from a cannon? Despite your lack of URL’ing ability, cool idea.

Gaudere’s law strikes again.

<ignorant> whos law that says waht? </ignorant>


I propose that we declare the following to be forever hereafter known as the Scylla Principle:

“Small children will stick sweet things in their mouths.”


[sub]Just kidding. That was clever. I would have been paralyzed with indecision.[/sub]

Gaudere’s Law: anyone making a correction to someone else’s grammar/spelling/punctuation/syntax/whatever will have a flaw in their own. So, for example, if Scylla posted a bad link and I tried to tease him about it like this, Gaudere’s Law would hold that the link would be bad, and the joke would be on me.

PS: I have not actually bothered to see if that link exists. If it’s porn, it ain’t my fault;)

PPS: I care too much about being banned to post a random link to porn. It doesn’t exist.

PPPS: No, I’m not going to buy the domain name.

PPPPS: Not that I wasn’t tempted;)

We do the same thing for out little squirt whenever she falls and bangs her lip or bites her tongue (which happens surprisingly often - toddlers have the coordination of Carrot Top’s wardrobe).

Except that our girl doesn’t like popsicles yet, but she does love those Gogurt yogurt-in-a-tube things which freeze amazingly well.

I did that for my husband a few years ago. He was stung just inside his lower lip by a ‘yellowjacket’ (one of those nasty stinging insects, yellow and black striped, that can sting multiple times and likes to hang around garbage cans, etc.) when it got inside his straw and he didn’t notice before taking a sip. The emergency cold pack that we’d bought at a pharmacy was warming up and his lip was killing him - it was swelling so bad that he said it felt like it was going to split, and was literally ~3 times its normal size. We bought antihistamines but they needed some time to take effect. So, I went into a nearby ice cream shop and asked for a popsicle. :slight_smile: