WOOHOO! I'm some sort of genius!

Remember this? Well, apart from posting that thread asking for motivation I did nothing at all to make sure I passed the exam.

Well, guess what. I passed! With flying colors too!

::Soda does the happy dance and decides to have a few glasses of wine with dinner::

Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to tell someone I would eat my hat if I passed. I don’t even have a hat. Now have to buy one just to eat it. Could someone pass the salt?

A large cabbage leaf makes an attractive chapeau.

i’d try for that “bowl of fruit” hat. congrats on the test.

Ok, you certainly are some kind of genius. But, I am not sure that you can take all of the credit. I think all of the people who read that thread sent you good thoughts. This in turn caused an “event”. Which moved special bits in your brain around. This caused you to pass the test. (It will also cause you to lose a pencil in the next four hours. If these equations are correct.) Art Bell needs to be called in to investigate this fabulous phenomenon.


Way to go OSC!

[sub]OSC = Original Swedish Chick[/sub]