My god The guys who run Comics Journal are ass holes

I nearly put this up in the Cafe until i realized i was blowing off steam. I’ve always loved comics and in more recent years I’ve been expanding my horizons in medium getting into publisher like Slave Labor and Fantagraphics. So while i still like super heroes wizard is far from being a magazine that covers all aspects of the industry.

So i was checking out the Comics Journal web site and while not covering super hero comics didn’t bother me in the least there all out hostility toward the genre and the Marvel, DC and even Image got to me. But what really got to me was this review of Scott McClouds reinvinting comics (btw this is only part 1 of 2) now i’ve heard some bad things about Gary Gorth but this i thought was just flat out cruel now i do admit that Sctot McLoud’s idea that internet publishing is the future of comics is miss lead something like this was just uncalled for. after i read this i was still considering getting a subscription until i read this"public service announcement" ok attacks at wizard and Stan Lee are one thing but the shots at Dave Sims, Kitchen Sink Press and others where just uncalled for.

More or less after looking threw the website I have to say get the fuck over your selves to the pepole at Comics Journal. It’s not like the mainstream publishers are actively trying to keep comic readers from buy your books.

BTW Comics Journal putting stuff like URL=] this on your website really makes look like the source from intelligent new and criticism that you think you are

BTW Comics Journal putting stuff like this on your website really makes look like the source from intelligent new and criticism that you think you are

heh, I got a 22. I’m not sure if this falls under the copyright rules or not, so I’m gonna just put a small part in.

" 0-24 points: A Previews reader…snip…"
but I dug these three judgements of my worthiness…
“If you are not, in fact, a zombie pledged to slavish obeisance to a single chief operating officer for as long as you shall roam the Earth, then in all probability you are not unlike a small child or a household pet, attracted to shiny colors such as foil-embossed covers.” snip…
“You were excited to learn that Rainmaker from Gen 13 was a lesbian. You were even more excited when you learned what ‘lesbian’ meant.” snip…
“You ignore all critics and buy anything labeled ‘new’, ‘improved’ or ‘first issue’ provided, of course, that it comes on shiny paper with computerized coloring. You think shiny paper is way keen.”

I like shiny things.

I got a 19. So? They didn’t even mention Maus, or Girl Genius.

Pompous jack-in-the-holes.


The Comics Urinal run by assholes? Who reads that rag?

Actually, the real problem is Gary Groth. As the old saying goes, “A fish rots from the head down.”

Groth is sucha funking prick

yeah but do you like shiny things too?

i don’t hold anything agianst them