my google fu is weak...

looking for 52 oz super insulated aladdin mugs (now thermo-serv)
trying to find just the mug, no fancy crap printed on it and I dont want to buy 8 million of them. I am having zero luck with this search and would love some help.

the mug I have right now came from 7-11 and is a glow in the dark “Extreme Gulp”

maybe I just found the one thing not for sale on the internet, but there are print companys that will make them for me printed with whatever crap I want on them but of course the order size is insane.

Maybe something like this?


the whole shebang?

the bubba keg is close but no cigar, the one I am after is nothing short of amazing when it comes to keeping stuff cold, fill with ice, add water and here in seattle it was pushing 90 and I spent most of the day in the car, drank all the water and had to stop at 7-11 to refil with water…as I post now at 1:20 am it still has the original ice from this morning in it.