$1,000,000* and my Undying Internet Love** to the one who helps me replace my Jameson mug

I have a tiny collection of drinking swag that I’ve picked up from bars over the years. Tee shirts, hats, shot glasses and other various drinking periphernalia. My absolute favorite, by a long mile, of all the things I’ve picked up was my Jameson Irish Whisky coffee mug. The mug is now dead.

Its remains can be viewed here. I don’t have much else to say except that I miss it and would like another one. e-Bay is not helping me find a replacement. RIP Jameson Mug.

*Not really.

You cannot pornounce it dead without a coroner. You’re in luck, I may add. I am a coroner.

It’s dead.

Cause of death: I suspect it was knocked off a desk,or similar surface.

My condolences!

I noticed a crack in my beloved Boulevard glass and had to throw it away this past weekend. sniff

How dare you bury the living

Hard to tell…is it black or a very dark green?

About this color.

Ok…I’ve got my people on it.

My beloved Newcastle Brown pint glass bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. My own fault since I left it in the path of the kids…

I picked up promotional glasses for McSorley’s and a Sam Smith’s at my local Beer-porium, but the glasses don’t have the same heft as my Newcastle glass…

Best of luck in your quest, MOL.

Yay, people! I, too, drink Jameson like a thirsty Irish fish, and this mug was my one true love. Well, that and the Jameson itself. You can have more than one one true love, right?

Boulevard? Someone who knows Boulevard??? Have you experienced the Boulevard Smokestack series, yet?

Oh, and MOL, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please allow yourself time to grieve, though. Don’t bottle it up inside, or you’ll probably crack.

When you do a search for it on eBay, click on Save This Search, then have it email you when it comes up. (You did see the white one available, right?)

Ooh, I’ll do that! I saw the white one, but it wasn’t the same. :frowning:

There’s Irish folk on the board. Paypal somebody some euros and get yourself a case of 'em.

I know Boulevard as well, and I’m in Indianapolis (originally from KC). They just started shipping out here. I can get Pale Ale and Wheat pretty reliably. A 6 pack of Singlewide IPA or Boss Tom or Bully Stout ran $18 - but last week I noticed my liquor store owner finally realized they hadn’t sold any for several months and dropped the price, and now I don’t have any room in my fridge. I haven’t paid any attention whatsoever to this Smokestack series…

Lemme see what I can do. MOL, what area are you in, roughly, and when was it from?

Sniffle You guys are so darn sweet. I’m in Twin [del]Shitties[/del] Cities, MN and this mug was given to me maybe a year and a half ago. I’m not even asking someone to gift me one; if I could be pointed in the direction where I could buy one, even if it cost a million billion dollars, I’d be eternally grateful and would procure it post haste. Okay, maybe not a *million *billion dollars. Maybe just several thousand of them.

I’d help you find one but I have no skill in these type of things. If one of those mugs manages to hit me across the face, however, I’ll let you know.

Sounds like a good excuse for a trip to Ireland!

[sub]But really who needs an excuse to visit Ireland?[/sub]

Does Jameson have a website with contact info? I’d email them a pic of the mug and ask if they know where you can get one.

Or, you could always replace it with this.

Oh, now I really hope my one brother (the one I’m thinking will be the best shot at having one) comes through. He’s checking to see if he has one, and if so, he’s going to bring it with him when he comes out here to Jersey this weekend.

From Maple Grove.