My Grandboss called Today

…and she had some serious news to discuss with me.

I got a 10% raise. This is on top of the 12% I earned at my annual review. And the promotion I received last October after finishing B-school. I tried to eek another 2% out, but no dice. I did however also get approval to take a certification course I’m interested in at company expense and the Monday mornings off I’ll need to attend the training part.

I just need to plan a nice weekend away for the wife and myself to celebrate.

Nice!! Congratulations!

Nobody in my organization (over 1,000 employees) has received a raise in the past 5 years. My net salary is now 5% less than it was 5 years ago, thanks to raising deductions. Inflation has been 10.2% in that time.

Can you tell I work for a government funded organization? You know - those overpaid civil servants?

That’s wonderful for you. In this economic climate, it’s amazing.

(EP, believe me, I can top you for depressing money news. At least when you work for the gov’t nobody lays you off.)

What do you have, naked pictures?

That’s awesome- congrats!

Hellz yeah! Congratulations!

I make several hundred thousand dollars more per year than I did 5 years ago.

And congrats to the OP.

Why, I overheard my butler telling my chauffeur that very same thing yesterday.

It’s nice to hear that someone is doing well these days…

Are you guys hiring? :slight_smile:
We’re in the middle of layoffs…I may be looking soon.


Ew. You’re such a creep sometimes.


(EP, believe me, I can top you for depressing money news. At least when you work for the gov’t nobody lays you off.)[/QUOTE]

Tell that to the 6000 CT state employees facing layoffs if we don’t pass a concession package. :frowning:

My deferred raise, deferred from the last round of give backs we state workers gave, is deferred again if this concession passes.

Happy for you, though!

Meh. EP felt the need to post gratuitous mopey loser news, so I thought I’d post from the opposite end of the life satisfaction spectrum.

YAY for you!

I work for a company that does not give raises. So, I have made minimum wage for nearly two years. Yeaaaah.

My insurance, however, probably is better than your insurance. All our retired Big Three autoworker peeps says so and that says alot.

We haven’t gotten a raise for two years, and news just came down that we are getting one in 2011, and another in 2012. Yay!

Yeah that was really obnoxious bragging.

If you hadn’t quoted him, it would have been a tad more acceptable. I mean, this whole thread is kind of boasting, but we all engage in it. The way you did it seems like you are poking him directly.


Congrats. Things are going your way at work, at home and you’re a respected poster here. Now them’s riches.

“Seems like”?

I dunno, I hate to defend Rand Rover even indirectly, but the post in question (not RR’s, the downer post) was kind of threadshitting. It’s like interrupting an engagement announcement by mentioning how horrible your marriage is.