my Grandmother Died last night

just a mundane pointless thing I must share

Well, shit.

I’m so sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to you and your family.


I’m sure it’s not mundane or pointless to you .

Sorry for your loss.

I loved my Nana :frowning:


Yo, Jimbo, you are right, it is neither Mundane or pointless, but I just thought it could be mundane and pointless in the way that there is really nothing you can say, thanks for the condolances

My thoughts are with you. I’m so sorry. :frowning:

My heart goes out to your for your loss.

It isn’t mundane: losing someone rocks the fabric and foundation of your world. All the days after feel weirdly different.

This will sound stoogey and hokey. My grandparents and parents have died, and the world rocked on its axis each time. But people die in their turn, and grieving turns into remembering which turns into acceptance.

Your world just shifted; it’s the way of it. With time, the unreality becomes almost…reasonable.

I’m sorry, so sorry for your loss.


<runs and grabs himself a lb of peanut butter and a bunch of bananas; a few brownies, a gallon of milk, and a few pop-tarts>

I wish you and your family all the strength in the world.

And I hope she died a peaceful quiet death, like my grandfather who passed away this July.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Ad Noctum. You and your family will be in my thoughts. :frowning:

My sympathy to you and your parents. I hope her death was peaceful. Does she live in your area, or will you need to travel? Safe travel, if you must.

So sorry. I have lost both grandparents and both parents in my life time and I know it’s tough.

Hang n there.

:frowning: What they said. My heart goes out to you, Ad Noctum. Lost my grandparents early on, and my parents when my kids were very small. I really like what Veb said, she said it well. Take care, and hold to the memories, they’ll bring you comfort when the days are most dark and empty.
{{{{{{{{Ad Noctum}}}}}}}}

Thank you all so much for your words of comfort, they have brought much comfort to me and my family, thank you very much again, my dad and my uncle (dad’s brother) are talking about their mom (my gramma) int he other room, and I’m about to lose it… Aw shit, gotta go get some more to eat…

I’m sorry to hear that. My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family.
Rose :frowning:

{{{{{{Ad Noctum}}}}}}

Take care, honey :frowning:

{{{Ad Noctum}}}

I’ll say a prayer for you.

Ad Noctum, my sincere sympathy to you and your family.

what a way to have my 100th post party…
<puts on a party hat and pulls some party-poppers>

<grabs some pizza and nachos>