My gym is bright! Solution?

There’s a guy at my gym who has sensitive eyes and wears sunglasses (maybe tinted prescription glasses). Nobody gives a shit.

Cut it, but enhance contrast. You can’t make an unpowered pair of glasses that delivers additional light.

I sometimes wear amber glasses when driving in overcast conditions. My eyes have above-average light sensitivity and even in cloudy conditions it can be so bright I squint. The amber cuts the light transmission but still allows me to see detail and contrast.

Abandon your gym membership, take up permanent residence on your (dimly-lit) couch, and gain two hundred pounds.

A viable option, sure. What do you suggest - Cheetos or pasta?

Make pasta with Cheetos:


This thread reminds me of the dark goggles they gave me at the dentist’s office, to wear while they were cleaning and examining my teeth. They were absolutely, totally, full-on Question Mark And The Mysterians. (If you don’t understand the allusion, check out this video.)

I think in theory you could do it if you had a transparent material that also converted some of the UV or IR spectrum into visible light, say by reducing the energy of some of the UV light and converting it to longer visible wavelengths while passing through visible light unaltered. I don’t know if any such material exists, but it doesn’t violate any laws of physics to have an inert material do this without energy input. Fluorescent coatings do this for reflected light by converting some of the UV to the dominant pigment color, making the color unnaturally vivid.

If you’re going that route, pizza works well for that purpose. :smiley:

However, I’d go with the “don’t give a shit what anyone thinks” advice and wear sunglasses or whatever works for you. I’d spend considerably less than a nanosecond worrying what somebody else thinks of whatever I’m doing. It turns out to be really good advice because the vast majority of the time, other people are mostly thinking about themselves and genuinely do NOT give a shit what you’re doing or what you look like, unless it’s something that affects them directly.

Get sunglasses like these.