My Harley is going away.

My beloved Panhead will be leaving me this Monday. It’s kinda like losing a member of the family. I built this bike from the ground up, and never thought I would get rid of it. I really planed on handing it off to my kid when I got too old to ride it. However, I tore the hell out of my back a few years ago, and it has been getting progressivly worse since then. Around thanksgiving it finally got so bad(after about 10 years of “I’m tough, I can take it”) that I went to see a neurosturgeon about it. Turns out I herniated a disk, and its been getting worse and worse all these years. Now its to the point that I feel pain all the way down my left leg, and my leg actually went numb today. Their gonna stick a bunch of wires in me and watch me twitch in a few weeks, then shoot my spine up with some kinda pookie and scan my cat or something, then its off to the operating room.

My Harley, being a rigid/magneto equiped/kick start only bike is just a little more than I can handle right now, and I don’t want to take a chance of re-injury after the sturgeon get through with me.(for those of you that don’t know, rigid means the rear wheel is bolted directly to the frame, like a bicycle…no shocks), and so I am having to trade it for one of those new fangled ShovelHead Harleys(that have shocks and electric start). The new bike is a 1974 FLH…I have never owned a motorcycle that new(the old one was a 1953). I hope I don’t cry when he comes to pick it up monday. Hard to keep up that Macho biker image that way…

bdgr, I normally don’t participate in “sympathy” threads, but I seriously can feel your pain. That really sucks. But hey, at least you don’t have to give up riding completely right?

Thanks. Thats the way I keep trying to look at it. I keep telling myself that I’ve been missing out on all the riding weather cuz I can’t ride the one I got, so this way I’ll get in the wind more. And it least it is getting a good home. The guy offered to bring plastic bird seed to feed my plastic lawn flamingoes , so he’s gotta be an alright guy. (generally speaking, if Plastic Lawn Flamingoes like you, your ok in my book)

BTW, I checked out your web site, and noticed you seem to like Corvairs. Cool. My first car was a 66 monza, and I used to be a member of Corsa. I’m still finding corvair parts in my Dads carage whenever I go over there, and its been 15 years or more. (I still get mail from Oregan Corvair Underground). I gotta get me another one some day.

My first real bike was a 1949 FL: kick start, magneto, retard the timing 15 degrees, kick twice, then give it a squirt, then turn the ignition on, and give it a kick and pray it started, MAN’S kind of bike. (wussy swing arm frame though). bdgr I do feel your pain, I had to sell my Panhead, too. I have scars on my ass from kicking myself, but it HAD to be done.

Trust me, I will respect you after it is gone.