My hopes for Graduation are slipping away (multi-pit)

School has been winding down, and I started Summer Vacation with the sense that I’m almost done. I had thought I only had one more semester to go, but some bad news has complicated the matter.

This semester I had failed two classes :frowning: It was a drag, but it only meant two more classes to take the following semester. This in itself wasn’t that bad, I would have to take four classes in the Fall instead of 2 for my ‘last’ semester. I had applied for Graduation back in March and thought that everything would go okay. I got a letter in the mail last Saturday about my graduation progress. The paper had several errors, which was stressful to sort out because it came on a Saturday and there was nothing I could do but wring my hands and HOPE that it was a mistake until monday. Earlier this morning I got a hold of the Counselor in charge of graduation and had a heated talk with her.

Seems that one of the classes I DID take didn’t have a grade reported. Because of that, they couldn’t count it toward my total units completed. This made the total units ‘left’ to graduate an alarmingly high amount- and they won’t adjust it until I get this sorted out with the teacher who messed up. Hearing all the things I still have to do on the phone gave me this horrible revelation- I may not graduate this Fall, I may have to take MORE classes in Spring 2005…:eek: My whole time in college has felt like I take two steps forward, and one step back. Half my time is spent fixing some screw-up either I or the administration made. I told everyone I would be graduating this December, I’ll be crushed if I can’t. I tried to make it my personal goal- I seldom lack the drive to come through with long-term goals but I seriously thought I could get my shit together to GRADUATE on schedule. And so, because that may not happen, I pit the following-

The School Administration- For taking three months to give me partially incorrect information and presenting problems without any suggestions or help on the matter. Also for cheerfully telling me any documentation/transcrips I request will take months and months and there will be fees fees and more fees…I swear these people are like the asshat bankers in the Capitol One commercial. :mad:

My English 125A professor- For omitting my grade for the Semester, which made the administration simply assume I never completed the class.

Myself- For being a dunce and failing classes, putting myself in difficult situations and disappointing myself when I can’t come through in a clutch no matter how hard I try to motivate myself.

I’ve never been driven to the point of nausea from so much anger before…:frowning: