My hovercraft is full of eels? Whaa?

I feel like I should be embarassed to ask this. Maybe I was on vacation when this daffy line was born. I just don’t know. One poster even carries it as a sig. “My hovercraft is full of eels.” Where did it come from?:confused:

Monty Python sketch. Involved a Hungarian tourist with a mischevous phrasebook.

My nipples explode with delight!

I will not buy this tobacconist. It is scratched.

Please fondle my bum.

To amplify: It’s a line from a Monty Python sketch in which a foreign tourist comes into an English shop and attempts to communicate with the shopkeeper via a phrasebook that contains all sorts of silly nonsense. Picture a man earnestly looking through a phrasebook and then carefully saying to the shopkeep “My . . . hovercraft . . . is full of eels!”

Funny sketch, as is most of Monty Python. IMO.


Left… at… laaahhhhhhts.

Would you like to come back to my place, bouncy-bouncy?

Remove your panties Sir William, I cannot wait 'till lunchtime.

The Script

the characters

Being guilty of this myself, why is it that fans of MP get such a kick out of the nonsequitur insertion of random sketch lines into daily conversation? I suspect that there is some sort of perceived relevance, but if you have to explain it…

Sometimes I read these thread titles too fast. Coulda sworn it said my Lovecraft if full of eels.

“The Eels in the Walls,” anyone?

Don’t panick, cantera.

What’s all this, then!?!

It’s one of the earlier warning signs of a debilitating syndrome known as Dr. E. Henry Thripshaw’s Disease.
We just can’t help it, it’s related to tourette’s syndrome.

Now stop that, it’s silly!

we are such geeks

My wife and I took it one step further.
We just planted a tree in our back yard.
Any guesses as to the species?
Hint: we wanted one we could identify from far away! :smiley:

Oh hell! What am I saying? Look at my frigging username.

The larch. The larch.

You got it.
Still haven’t gotten around to planting the bloody lupines.

As soon as I saw Dinsdale’s question, I was really hoping someone would respond with “The Larch.”, then accidentally double-post. I would have cried with laughter.

The worst is… NI!

I think that “My Lovecraft is full of eels” is fantastic!