My husband has a tail! OR Kids say the Darndest Things

My daughter just took a bath with her daddy, pointed to his penis and said, “Dada’s tail.”


Share your funny story, please.

My parents took my daughter shopping and my mum was going to pick her up some new underware.

While in line, my mum asked my daughter is she liked them, my daughter said “yes” then added.

"Know what grandma? My mum has underware that goes * right up her bum!*.
sigh Kids…


LOL :slight_smile:

Fact is, penis is literally just a Latin word for ‘tail’!
The child is smarter than you knew.
“Out of the mouths of babes…”

My Neice is a very very very bright child. I have been witness to this very fast thinking on a number of occassions but these are the best

I was walking through the house and little neice was just on 3. I stubbed my toe and let out a scream. She walks up to me looks at the toe and says “Life is a tragedy, isint it?”

the second time was she was about 4-5 and went to get herself a drink. She was told do not go to the fridge without us. But she did. And she got out the cordial (ready made) and she dropped it. Now the lid you see was not on properly so from that punny height would not have come off normally. But because it was loose it went everywhere… so she points a finger at her mother before she cold say a word and says “that was your fault…had you put the lid on it would not have come off…”

The child thinks so so fast…

My dad died recently.

My sister took the kids to “visit Grandad’s grave” when they were in town. The 3-year-old asked “Where’s Grandad?” The 5-year-old, pointing, responded “He’s under that dirt.”