My husband is pretty cool

For Christmas, (even though it didn’t get here until last week) got me a new video card for my desktop that has dual-monitor functionality. I have wanted dual-monitor at home forever, and more so now that I have one at work. So, I figured I would geek out this weekend and clean my desk and install my new video card and on e of our spare monitors (yes, we are *that *family), but then yesterday, he handed me a shipping box, grinning, and said “Happy early birthday” (my bday is next month). It’s a new, blue, Acer Aspire One mini-laptop. I have been coveting them since we saw one at Best Buy a couple weeks ago. I was thinking I wanted the linux one, but this is the Windows XP one, and it is awesome. Now I can’t decide which I want to play with more, installing a second monitor or my little bitty new toy :smiley: Thanks, honey, you RAWK!

Woohoo! Dual monitors are awesome. It’s fun watching the mouse slip from one screen to the other…

I also like putting windows half on each monitor, because it makes my coworkers freak – “ohmigawd, you broke that program!” bwahahaha

If you want to fool your co-workers, go to their workstation and hit Ctrl-Alt-Down. On some versions of Windows (it does this on XP here at work) it’ll flip the orientation of the screen upside-down. Go here for more.

Muhahaha. :slight_smile:


You just gave me a way to have permanent job security. Here at my business, I’m the computer-fixer-guy. Tomorrow my colleague is going to find his screen rotated 90 degrees to the left, and I’m going to spend most of the day and a long lunch hour “fixing” it!

This was mentioned once before here, a while back. I accidentally did this at work and couldn’t figure out the key combination to fix it. That was an interesting morning: I’m usually the computer go-to gal at work, and if I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, nobody else had a clue.

I remembered the post here, however, and eventually corrected the problem. My boss and co-workers had a good, long laugh about it, though. And it didn’t work on anyone else’s monitor: just mine. We’re all running XP.

bwahahahaha, I am so going to do that to my husband’s system…maybe my daughter’s too!!

It’s got something to do with the video card (or perhaps the video driver) you have - I had one computer, once that this worked for but not for any others since then. (one time our monitor misbehaved and was displaying everything reversed as in a mirror and I thought AHA I can fix it… but the keystrokes weren’t the issue…)

Note to whom it may concern: I would be this sort of husband.

And I go to the gym as well. :slight_smile: