I have a new monitor!!!!

I finally have a new monitor as a Christmas present. As many know from last year my monitor was really craptasic. I used it until this October by adjusting the brightness on the monitor and video card to as light as I could. It finally was a black screen. After that I was using another monitor that could focus only if you left it rather dark. It would blur on brighter settings.

Now I have a wonderful new LCD 21.5" monitor with no dead pixels. It has rich deep colors that are focused, all of which are something I haven’t had for a few years. Yeh! It was $99 after an $80 sale markdown.

Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!
Jump up and down and do a happy dance.

That’s an awesome deal! Way to go!

Man I really shouldn’t read when I have insomnia. Somehow I mentally inserted a word into you title that made me read the post over and over trying to make sense of it.

I thought it said. “I have a new heart monitor.” and this part

was a bit :eek:

Hey good news. Oddly enough I was just thinking about the Ham incident thread from last year and found this one. Enjoy it man.

I am. I needed it so badly it wasn’t funny. Now I have a bright LCD one with a sharp focus and it’s wide screen. Yeh!

I should get a new monitor. When I built my current computer, I bought a 22 inch monitor because it was cheap and on sale. I didn’t know at the time that 22 inch monitors can only go to 1680x1050 resolution.

Thankfully, I’ll be using a 46 inch LCD TV as my 2nd monitor.

Mine goes to 1920x 1080.

Congrats HD!

I, too was thinking about the stupid dog. Did the power go out as you had feared it would?

No. It iced up on the day of Christmas eve, and switched to rain that night which melted the layers of ice that had built up on trees and power lines. That continued through Christmas day, when that evening it switched to snow without a layer of ice collecting. The roads were really bad when the snow started. People had to drive carefully and try a few times at some hills.