Yay! I Have a New (Used) Monitor!

This replaces the one that forgot what the color redwas, which, three months ago, replaced the one that forgot what vertical hold was. It’s a Sony Vaio 15 inch and has glorious full color! My goldfish wallpaper has orange goldfish instead of green ones and I can play Solitare with both red and black cards instead of just black. I traded this beauty through craigslist.com to a guy for a new wireless mouse that I got for participating in a keyboard study and ten bucks. A darn good trade, IMHO.

Look at all those smilies you can use here. They sure have purty colors! Especially :cool: !

~~Tikki–one happy camper!

Ooops, that’s craigslist.org .

So you got TWO “new (used) monitors”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. Had three. Two of them are on the way to the recyclers.