My icon pictures disappeared when I upgraded to IE7

Those tiny icons on the Links bar and in the Favorites menu.
They were all replaced with a generic picture of a blank piece of paper with the IE “e” in front of it.
Usually, when you save a link from major sites like Yahoo or Google their icon appears next to the link word.
But now, even if I re-save those Favorites, the icon is generic.
I tried the Repair Icons function of TweakUI with no effect.
Is there an option for this somewhere?

I also tried going into the Properties settings for individual links, and resetting the icons, which looks like it’s working but they don’t show on IE7’s Links bar

IE7 has some known issues with displaying “favicons” (favorite icons). Some of them seem to be better-defined behaviors rather than problems, oddly enough. And, in what seems to be typical Microsoft fashion, some of the problems are random like icons are missing one day, and there the next.

One thing to try - Use Delete Browsing History (on the Tools menu) to clear the cache and the history store. This should clear everything out so you can get fresh copies the next time you visit a site.

Something site designers have been guilty of in the past is using normal .GIF or .PNG images as icons. IE7 is now written to only use .ICO icon files. This is considered as a website problem, rather than a browser problem.