A question about Internet Explorer Bookmarks

When I add a bookmark to IE, frequently, it will have a unique icon next to it. However, invariably, after a few days, the icon will disappear and be replaced with a generic IE icon. What gives? How can I get the unique icons back, and keep them?

Going back to the website has alway seemed the most effective way to restore to icon in my experience. I don’t think this feature has been implemented well in IE, other browsers seem to manage icons better and don’t just lose them after several days.

My guess would be that IE keeps them in its cache, and that gets cleared out every few days.

They’re called favicons, and IE seems to only show them intermittently.

This bugs me too. I would also like to know how to get my bookmarks in non-alphabetical order. I used to have them arranged like I wanted them, then one day accidentally hit “put in alphabetical order” or something like that. Now, when I try to move them around, they revert back to alphabetical. Highly annoying. Help? Thanks!

IE only shows the favicon when you add the link. Once you clear your cache, they vanish. I assume they will change that in the next version.

Firefox has persistent favicons.

Try this nifty freeware utility called Favorg

When I tried to download it, it asked for $8 for the download or $20 for a years worth of downloads :frowning: Do you have an alternate site? It sounds cool.

Sorry about that. I didn’t realize they had gone to a subscription. It appears to be available for free on this page.

Great, thanks!