My IE 6 home page has been hijacked!!

Something grabbed my IE 6 configuration and reset the home page to some ad site. I was able to remove it with Spybot Search & Destroy (God bless that guy).

BUT somehow the “change home page” feature has been grayed out on IE 6 now. Spybot set the home page to about:blank but I want to reset it.

How do I do I get control back again?

Well, you can also change it in the registry:

Look for a key called “Start Page”

Run SpyBot again, and go to the Immunize page. Near the bottom is a checkbox to disable/enable changes to the IE start page. Uncheck it.

Found the key, what do I do with it?


file:C:\Program Files\Plus!\Microsoft Internet\docs\home.htm

really, perhaps you shouldnt do registry cutting yet. I did this the other day:
start:settings:control panel:internet options

Change the home page there instead of in IE.

Then run ad aware if you want from, it has a free version.

This is normal for Spybot when it gets rid of passiton. Spybot doesn’t lock it to the blank location.

Just reset your home page to your desired location via tools>internet options etc. at the top of IE and hit the “apply” button at the bottom of the Internet Options page.