my iPod is stuck.

Ok, so I left my iPod charging on my laptop overnight. It’s the new generation iPod nano. I unplug it today, and it appears to be totally stuck on the black-background-with-apple-logo screen. replugging it in, running iTunes while it’s plugged in, holding down buttons, toggling hold mode (it was originally off) on and off, and plugging in headphones have all failed to get it off of this screen. What gives? and more importantly, how do I fix this? I suspect it will take quite some time for the battery to run down given that it plays music for hours on end, a simple low brightness image will take ages.

Anybody know how to fix this, eg. a hard reset button that I might have missed? iTunes isn’t even identifying it, for that matter, it’s not showing up as a connected device on the USB port either. Help?

According to Apple - How to Reset your iPod

sweet many thanks.

I’ve had the same happen to my first-gen Nano, and even the reset didn’t work. I let the battery die down, and then it would restart just fine (after charging, of course).