My Kids Crack Me Up!

Okay, so I am a laid back eccentric earth mother kind of mom, and one of the things I try to pass on to the kids in an everyday kind of way is some words, sentances, even sentance fragments in one foreign language or another. This is generally met with bemused tolerance, as they are young in their adolescent stage. Attitudes will change…oh, how they will change…

So tonight my daughter, freshly turned 14 last month, gets a phone call from the constant best friend. I call TheDre in English, and when she hollers back "What?!! I responded to all the rest of her questions in Spanish.

Now mind you, she did take a Spanish class last year, and I was speaking in the present tense with easy words. I get The Look, as she mentally translates into English what I have just said. As she was leaving my room she said “Thanks”, I said “De nada, adios, hasta manana” (pretend you can see the correct accent mark and umlat please)

My son, almost 13, sticks his head in, demanding to know “What the heck are you talking about, Mom?!!! What is a hostile banana???!!!”


Dare I say it in a post about my kids??? penis ensued