My kid's cuter than yours...

Well…in a blurry ultrasound sort of way :smiley:

congrats :slight_smile:

I still think ultrasounds look eerily ghost-like…

I agree about the ghost like nature…boy seeing the images live and in motion really does help pick out the features though. Stills really don’t show the features as well…our little tyke was moving around a ton also…good in terms of health…harder to get stills.

I was just happy he/she stuck out the first finger…I was expecting the middle finger after all the poking and prodding. :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved going for ultrasounds, even though I had to hold a gallon of water in my bladder for the duration. We still have several printouts from both kids, including one where the technician kindly circled the evidence that we were expecting a boy.

Ultrasounds are pretty cool, and over the years they’ve become so much more clear, you don’t need a medical degree to decipher them. We also have on tape the sound of our first borns’ fetal heart beat. It sounds like a horse walking through a shallow stream.

Congrats, beagle!

As for being cuter, you do realize, I hope, that your perception is a survival mechanism for the little nipper?

Otherwise you’d most likely drown the whelp at birth!
(Just kidding! ALL babies are cute at birth, particularly ours!):smiley:

So when is the due date? I don’t think I caught that in all my excitement over a new baby around.
And you know, I have always thought that kids were made so cute because when they get old enough to walk and talk they are going to do something that is going to make you want to lock them in a closet. It is a safety feature I am sure.

And yes, I will take a moment to rub in the fact that I am only a few blocks away, and will (hopefully) get to meet the little tyke before the rest of you. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well, beagledave, your kid may be cute now, but I have just two words for you: teen ager.


Already looking to contract out the brat from about…say age 5 or so through 18…any takes? :smiley:

Well geez Kricket…if you actually bothered to read the linked web page you woulda seen the EDB is July 5th…

Ah hell…I take it back…you’re the first baby present giver and all…

BTW, the cuteness gene is definately part of the beagle evolutionary defense mechanism as well…the crap we put up with here…

Darn it all, I didn’t even bother to scroll over. You see, I have a terribly small screen. Not even svga!
Now you guys know my dirty little secret.
Rest assured by the time the baby gets here I will be able to see everything because with income tax I am buying a huge monitor with all the bells and wistles.