My last post in a thread is not showing!

In this thread that I started last night, I currently have the last post in it. But on the forum page, the last post showing is by Misnomer. Even after clearing the cache and reloading, I’m not listed as the last poster to the thread.

After I hit the Submit button, either the board went down, or my cable went out, and I couldn’t reload a page for about half an hour. The page I had open with my unsent post was still showing here in Netscape, but when I was able to refresh the MPSIMS forum, it showed Misnomer as the last poster. I clicked on it, and there I was, following his post.

Could someone reading this please click on that link and tell me if you see me at the bottom of the page?

Anybody have an idea what could cause this to happen?

You’re at the bottom fb, thanking everyone for the kind words.

No idea what’s causing your problem, sorry.

vBulletin does this every once in a while. There was an ATMB thread on it a few months back, and one a while before that…
Your post will magically appear if you, or someone else, makes another post to the thread.

This happened to me recently in a thread where I should have been the first poster on the second page; the second page wasn’t showing at all for a while. It got better soon, though.