Threads are not showing the last posts

For the last 20 minutes or so, threads are not reporting new posts in them, the main pages are not reporting the new posts and when one is replying the last posts do not show up in the preview window.

Ok, it seems that the problem was fixed.

That’s a symptom of one of the two databases running the message board being temporarily locked up. The message board gets out of synchronization and while you can still read the board the ability to post to it or read what has recently been posted becomes degraded. Not exactly the best of situations but better than in the past when not only couldn’t you post when the database was temporarily locked up but you couldn’t read the boards either.

I noticed last night at 5:00 PM that we were in such a state. I was just leaving the office and by the time I arrived home at 6:30 PM it had cleared itself. This kind of out of synchronization issue may occur more in the future so I’m watching it.