Am I the only one not getting an updated forum page in the BBQ Pit?

The last post on the BBQ page is one by OpalCat at 6:29. I know there are many other posts to other threads since then, but I’m not seeing them on the forum page.

Am I the only one?

OK. I logged out and logged back in. The forum updated. But there are some wonky things going on with the posts and last poster and stuff like that.

I see that this thread has no views, which is not right because I’ve viewed it 3 times.


I’m experiencing all of the symptoms that often foreshadow a period of server downtime (cocked index pages, server timeouts, double posts…)

When the hamsters are having trouble keeping up with what’s going on (I personally think they’re doing a work slowdown, demanding more goodies from jdavis, but that’s neither here nor there), the various databases that keep track of posts, threads, fora, and whatnot, tend to run at different speeds relative to each other. So the forum list may not show the last five or ten minutes worth of posting – which are available inside the individual threads, etc. Mangetout’s right though – it’s usually symptomatic of downtime in the near future. (Hope we’ve got a good backup!)

Uh, oh. I better start reading threads at MAX SPEED!!!