my little chicken dot com?

Someone signed me up for their forums and sent me a username and ID. However, I don’t know these people but I see a lot of straight dope folk there. I haven’t received anything from them other than that so it doesn’t quite look like spam. Anyone know the deal on this?

Looks like they’re stealing our posts, unless Ex Machina is a chick named Allison and masonite’s name is Louise, for example. I understand we’ve had trouble like this in the past, and I don’t understand why people would do that sort of thing - what’s in it for them? It confuses me.

I saw an Uncle Beer and Johnny LA there. I did a search there and it seemed that my name was mentioned as a “new poster” back in July. The odd thing is that I think somebody may have tried to register my name and just happened to have the right address (not that my address is confusing). I have a series of passwords I use online and the one came back didn’t look like a randomized one at all since it didn’t contain any random letters.

I also recall this being a problem in the past. I forget the name of the website but IIRC they were stealing whole threads. I’ll make a WAG and say that they do it because they’re starting a new site and they can’t attract users when they have 0 posts and 0 users. It’s a chicken and egg problem, so they steal content and IDs from elsewhere to make their boards look interesting and popular. Has anyone reported this to an administrator yet? I’d imagine that they’ll want to take legal action.
I should also mention that IIRC the mods asked us to please NOT go over to that other board and start complaining and posting about the theft. I’d imagine that this also applies in this case.

I just reported it to the mods.

Thanks - we’ll take it from here.