My kid is a parasite, can you please ban both of us?

Can you please - PLEASE - ban us both by usernames and by IPs?

I’m pretty sure that Lynn and Tuba can differentiate between the “real” reprise and a fake one. But having been told that last night people tried to “clone” me (I’m perfectly capableof being offensive all by my self) and used my ISP account in order to “have fun”, I’d like you to ban us by both ISP and email addies.

I believe that I - the “real” reprise - will always be able to prove to the admins of the SDMB that I am really me.

I’m not asking you to BAN me. What I am asking you to do is not re-enable posting privileges under my name until such time as you’re convinced I am me.

I’m kind of thinking in terms of stuff not many people know. Tubabrother = David, but I’m not sure how many people know that.

I’ve just banned myself from 2 other messageboards because I foubd out that I was beiung stalked by my kid (and I was an admin on one of them).

Is there any way at all that you can keep an eye on my account and “red flag” me if something seems wrong?

Whoa. How does this happen? Can’t you change your password or something? I confess I am lost.

Being stalked by your kid? As in, your own child??

Damn goats!

Whatever is going on here, I think it would be best handled by e-mail. Please get in touch with one of the admins right away.