My Local School System Is Run By A Bunch Of Cretunckulous Schunks!

How can I make such an accusation you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. They didn’t call off school today.

Last night we got us some snow. Now it wasn’t a blizzard of Cold Miser-ian proportions, but it was a good bit. Three to five inches depending on where you live. Out my window, it’s about four. (Good thing we have plenty of bread and milk.) But Soupo stillhad to go to school.

None of the other school systems adjacent to us have school. None of the school systems adjacent to themhave school. But we have school. (Not me personally, so I’m not affected. Just my kid. I could play out in the snow all day if I wanted. At least until Katcha got cold. But we just shovelled the driveway and he wasn’t ready to come in yet, so I’m thinking he’d last a good long time.) Heck, the “city” just north of here declared a Snow Emergency. (They get “city” is quotes like that because I don’t think you should be a city if you’re only six blocks by eight and you tallest building is only two stories high. Unless the name of you city is preceded by “Ancient” as in “the Ancient City of Boogoomi consisted of twelve mud brick huts and was the home to well over twenty people”.)

It was a little heartbreaking (very little, but I’m callous) to send ol’ Soup’ to school today. It was the perfect snow. Last night when he went to bed there was just a light dusting of snow on the ground. When he woke up it was a beatiful Winter Wonderland. But he had to go to school, so go he did.

I did give him chocolate milk in his lunch, so I hope that helps.

Oh, I forgot to put this as the first line:

“And nobody loooooooves them. Not one tiny hunk. The punks.”

Now you can go back and re-read the OP with it’s Artistic Integrity intact.
-Rue. (red-faced)

Do you seriously expect to soothe his bitter disappointment with mere chocolate milk? Poor Soupo! Stuck in a stinky classroom while Dad and Katcha get to frolic in a winter wonderland. You realize he’ll be scarred for life now. Probably become a psycho serial killer or a maniacal recluse or a talk-show host or something… Too bad - he’s such a cute kid. But that’s what first kids are for - you make all your mistakes then you know better on the later ones.

Wait a second. I’m a first kid. I gotta rethink this. Send me some chocolate milk and maybe I’ll be OK. :smiley:

I hate it when that happens. At my high school the person only person with authority to declare a snow day was the Head of School. She was from Montana, where people are accustomed the the idea of snow in winter. The school is in Seattle, where it takes about an inch of snow to completely paralyze the city. When she was brand new at the school the Head woke up early one morning to see snow falling outside her window. Well aware that many Seattle-ites haven’t a clue how to deal with snow she called a snow day. However, the snow stopped falling and by daylight there was only the merest dusting of snow. So for the rest of her tenure the Head was determined not to overreact to snow.

Fast forward to my junior year. There was a huge (for Seattle) winter storm. Something like 8 inches of snow. All the public schools in the greater Seattle area were closed. All the private schools were closed - except mine. Being the responsible child that I am (besides there was no way my mom would have let me skip) I sighed and went to school. Maybe half the students showed up. The Dean of Students was walking around wearing a sign saying that she had nothing to do with declaring snow days. So few people showed up for my first period class that the teacher decided to bag American history and took us all out for doughnuts instead. What’s the good of snow if it doesn’t get you out of school?

“What’s the good of snow if it doesn’t get you out of school?”

Are you serious? I’ll tell you what it’s good for.

It gives me something non-lethal to throuw at the rotten neighborhood kids who torment me, that’s what it’s good for.

The only thing I can think of to say about this thread is: The next time I get annoyed enough to rant about something, I hope that I channel Dr. Seuss too. It certainly adds something …

You know, Rue, if you were a* good* dad you’d’ve let Soup skip school today to play in the snow. You’d better treat him right - he’s going to be the one picking out your nursing home, remember.


I think Rue is already hosed in that regard.

Look at the name s/he gave to his/her kids, eh? :smiley:

Spiff, Rue is all man, tho I confess, he does look fetching in an apron… Yes, I further confess he is the object of my unrequited lust and desire. But what with him being married and me being married and him being so much younger than I am and us living about 1000 miles apart, well, you get the picture.


What? I go out to lunch with my sister and I come back to this? (Had some Chinese. Food. Chinese food. I don’t want you to think I’m snacking on Soylent Green again. I learned my lesson the first (couple) times. And they had Chinese doughnuts. Does that count pendgwen?) My good name sullied?

St. G, I’ll have you know a “good dad” instills values in his progeny. Like how you’re supposed to go to school whether you like it or not so you can learn something and get a good job. So you can afford a good nursing home when ol’ Dad attains a venerable age. (Unless he has a wife that can cook. Then he needs a spare bedroom. With cable TV.)

Not only did he get chocolate milk, Snickers, but Oreos too. That should pacify the little whiner.

And you like me? You really like me? That’s nice. I’m glad I’m not the only one with unrequited crushs on the Board. I mean crush! Just you! Really! (You have to keep you stalkers happy. Even if they ARE 1,000 miles away. (1,137… but who’s counting?))

“Non-leathal” Ex? Hmmm… I’ll have to try that. I’m running out of room in the basement. The bears aren’t quite as ravenous as I’d hope.

I don’t know to what you refer SC. Really. Dr. Seuss? Nope, never heard of the guy. He a new ear, nose and throat guy down at your clinic?

You dumb spiff. Blah!
Love and stuff,
Yer pal,

Pray tell, what are Chinese doughnuts? I have never encountered such a thing.

::Snuggles up to Rue’s armchair by the fire::
Twell us a shnow shtooowee, UnkaRue!

Sorry, Fairy, but Rue is the object of my unrequited lust and desire. And I live closer to him than you. :wink:

Poor Rue kidlet. If only they lived in Maryland. Every single stinking county was closed today. And it looks like they’ll all be closed tomorrow, too.
Maybe poor Soupo could come live with me. I baked today. French toast for breakfast, Monkey bread with lunch, and blueberry muffins.
If we’re home again tomorrow, I might make brownies.


Well, apparently what happen’d yesterday was that the Superintendent of Schools in Joplin (the Southern Missouri town of 40,000-odd people where I live, & we really are odd) & a bunch of his friends drove around at 4 a.m. (or so they claim) in their cars on various roads & said, “This won’t be a problem!” so even though they knew that with an early December ice-and-snow storm a lot of kids just wouldn’t show up, they had class yesterday. Doesn’t affect me, but I hear some parents were upset.
Now understand, the little rural districts all around said, “We aren’t making our teachers drive 20-50 miles on ice–in a region where nobody has snow-tires 'cos it snows once or twice a year if that!” & they shut down. (And I bet Joplin schools didn’t even take attendance.)
Also, I was out driving in the freezing rain the night before (bad planning), and really really scared (but then I don’t have a working heater, so no defrost, so I was blind, & I don’t think I killed anybody, but I had to pull off the road periodically to take ice off the windshield) so I was… surprised a little.

Today they closed school. Even though last night was clear. They suddenly realized those roads are slick!

[yes, I really do think this way]

pendgwen, a Chinese doughnut, as I had yesterday, is a circle of fried dough about 1/2 and inch thick or so. It was a little more “biscuity” than a regular doughnut and it was covered in sugar. Katch really like 'em and ate three. HE was covered in sugar when he was finished.

Wow, with all that baking Kinsey, can I leave the kid here and I’ll come live with you? Only, what’s “monkey bread”? Do you use fresh monkeys?

And, technically Snickers is my first Special Friend, but if you want to fight for Cyber-crush rights we could work up a Jell-O match or something. Just a thought. I think a lot sometimes.

foolsguinea, I understood everything. Really.

No monkeys in Monkey Bread, sorry.

It’s biscuits (from a tube), butter, sugar, pecans and cinnamon. You cut up the biscuits into little bite-size pieces, mix with the sugar and cinnamon and nuts, put them in a Bundt pan, pour melted butter and sugar over them and bake. Mmmmm, sweet cinnamony goodness.

We’re home again today. Why, I don’t know. The streets seem pretty clear. I guess it’s the old “Not worth heating the school for one day” excuse. :rolleyes: