Snow Day Blues

We have our first snow day of the year. It started out as a two hour delay, but the school lost electricity and it shut down.

Now I’ve got the dragonkids home, and they are incredibly bored. They are driving me nuts.

I can’t let my son go out to play because he got grounded, but I think I’m the one getting punished. My daughter went out for a little while, but she quickly came in because the snow is melting quickly and it’s moslty mud out there now.

All the kids are doing is bickering, wrestling and eating every piece of food in my house. They don’t want to read, they don’t want to do projects. They want to run in the house, jump on the beds, built forts out of the sofa cushions and irritate each other.

I’m getting a headache.

You and the kids are invited over to Casa Beckwall, to lay in the sun and jump around in the pool. Gonna be 80 degrees today. Yeah, I am gloating just a bit, but I feel your pain. I lived in Utah for a dreadful year of grey, cold, and wet. Anyway, have some hot cocoa and watch some videos!

It’s cool in **Florida[B\] but I do miss the snow from the midwest. Have fun!

I meant Florida!

Haha, interesting to see that Northeast PA is still such wimps about snow, dragongirl. I live near Wilkes-Barre and can remember many lame-o “snow days” back in grade school.

And now I go to school in Syracuse where we get 10 times the snow and we haven’t had a snow day since 1998 when most of the city lost power in the infamous Labor Day storm.